Safety, Calls, Signs, and Immersion


OOC Meeting

Please attend the Friday 9 PM OOC meeting if present.  The meeting may contain important points of safety and interest such as areas of the camp that cannot be used, wild life sightings, and more.

Medical Emergency

If a medical emergency occurs during game, call HOLD! as below and if possible get a Marshal, Director, or Storyteller and/or notify Logistics.

If another player is injured, do not leave them if others are around.  Rather, send someone to notify Logistics.

If alone with the injured party, do not move them and begin to call for assistance.

You can always call Logistics at 845-418-4341.

If it is a non-traumatic or non-physical issue, escort the person to Logistics if possible.

Sexual Harassment, Pick-Pocketing, Looting, and Implied Consent

Mütvia expects 100% compliance to our zero tolerance policy for misconduct.  As a private event hosted by a private organization, we reserve the right to remove, for any reason, any participant at any time and without refund.

By taking part in this game, you agree to the following:

  • All interpersonal relations are done on a consenual basis only.  See Backing Out below for more information.
  • All in-game touching is done strictly in a non-sexual manner.  Chest, groin, hips, and buttocks on anyone is strictly off limits unless explicit consent is given beforehand.
  • Sexual harrassment is not only physical — every participant has the right to back out of a scene or interaction regardless of the nature of the scene.  See Backing Out below for more information.
  • If you feel you another participant has violated these rules, speak with a Storyteller.

Please be aware Mütvia allows for limited but actual pick-pocketing and body looting.

See below for more information.


Backing Out

If anything requires you to leave the scene, place one hand over your head and to another participant, say “Backing out.”

If anyone backs out of a scene, you may ask if they’re okay or give an inquisitive thumbs up sign, but do not press the issue.  Allow everyone their space.

If you backed out of a scene and you wish to let Logistics know, please do.  There’s always a place to sit and relax for any reason.



Hold is used to halt the game in the local vicinity for out-of-character emergencies.  This may include injury or imminent danger to yourself or another.

To call hold, call “HOLD!” loudly.  All those who hear it must repeat it and stop what they are doing.

Once the emergency is resolved, play may continue with a loud “3-2-1 LAY ON”.


Caution is used to alert another cast member of probable or immediate danger, such as a log they may back into and trip over or other dangers.

Wildlife, “Are you an animal?”

The likelihood of encountering wildlife willing to attack a human is slim.  Nonetheless, please read.

When in the woods, try to travel with others.

If alone, you may hear a sound and see no one.  Feel free to call out “Are you an animal?”.  If it is another participant, they must respond with “no”.  if there is such a response, continue play as normal and ignore their presence as if your character did not know they were there.

If there is no response, ask the question again LOUDLY, but calmly.  Immediately make yourself larger than you are, begin slowly waving your arms, and keep asking the question LOUDLY as you walk at a slow, calm pace back to a well-populated area.  DO NOT RUN.  Mountain lions and black bears see fleeing as the siogns of prey and may attack.  Do NOT use high-pitched squeals, use speech.

Once back in a populated area, notify Logistics immediately and indicate the location of the encounter.

If you hear someone repeatedly and loudly calling out “Are you an animal?”, notify Logistics immediately.

Link: How to protect against a mountain lion encounter.
Link: How to protect against black bears.

Signs & Assistance

OOC: Out-of-Character

Though we remain in-character as much as possible, there are times when you must be OOC. Place one hand above your head to indicate you are you in that moment and not your character.

Spirit Form

One hand across the chest to the opposing shoulder indicates the user is in Spirit Form. To notice a character in Spirit Form, you must have Sense Spirit.  To interact, you must use Spirit Sight.

Shadow Form

Both hands across the chest to opposing shoulders indicates that character is in Shadowwalk or Shadow Form.


In-character and need to know what something does?  Put your hand to your forehead briefly (signalling OOC as above) and ask “Clarify?



By participating in this event, you agree that you will attempt to be in-character whenever possible during your stay within game hours (Friday, 10 PM to Sunday, 12 PM). Every action we take during the game tells a story.  If at a distance someone sees you doing something, they have reason to believe it is your character conducting the action, not you.  Allow them and yourself that by staying in-character at all times.


Any property supplied by the camp for game use is an in-game location during game hours.  The only exception are bathrooms but they may not be used as a prevention for interaction, e.g. combat.

Cabin Lights

Please turn off cabin lights during game hours.  Mütvia does not have electricty. Cabin lights left on during game hours for non-emergency reasons will be visited by shades.  You don’t want that.


All participants are permitted to have a flashlight on them and to use it during game hours.

Many cast participants have elected to make LED torches for use in-game instead of flashlights.  For candles and lanterns, there are plenty of LED options.  Explore!

Tents and Other Personally-Owned Abodes

Other participants are not permitted to enter any personally-owned abode without your OOC permission, e.g. tents and wagons you supplied.

Fire Pits and Candles

All fire pits must be manned when in use and must have a 5 gallon bucket of water nearby. This bucket and the water is player-supplied.

Please make sure all embers are out when retiring for the night or before leaving the fire unattended.

Live flames are not permitted in any building or tent unless in approved areas such as fireplaces.

Alcohol and Illegal Substances

Unless otherwise expressed in the event description Mütvia is a dry event.

Use of alcohol during a Mütvia event is grounds for immediate expulsion without refund.

Furthermore, use of illegal substances at a Mütvia event is grounds for immediate expulsion and notification of authorities.

Lastly, under no circumstances should you play in Mütvia if your judgement or physical ability is impaired due to any medication or substance.

Tobacco Use

Tobacco use is permitted only at certain camps.  Please check at Logistics if tobacco use is permitted and if so, in what locations if smoking.


Mütvia allows for limited in-character pick-pocketing in a controlled and responsible fashion.

All particpants are expected to have an “OOC Pouch” in which OOC items may be stored.  This may include modern conveniences, medicine, wallets, etc.  At no time may anyone search or pick-pocket these pouches.  Simply say “OOC” if another participant begins to touch that pouch.

OOC pouches are to be indicated with tie-on “OOC badges” available at Logistics.  The badge should be tied on to the fastener, i.e. the mechanism that keeps the pouch safely closed.

Pick-pocketing may only take place in shoulder bags, backpacks, belt pouches, coat pockets (but not breast pockets), or any other pocket or container not closely attached to the chest, groin, or buttocks.  At no time is any container containing in-character goods permitted to be over the groin, chest, or buttocks.

Furthermore, in-character items may not be stored in areas that cannot be legally or safely pick-pocketed.


Looting a body, also known as rolling or searching, may occur at any time the situation permits it.  Like pick-pocketing, however, there are strict rules governing this action.

When searching another character’s body, you may only search non-sexual areas.  If you approach the chest, groin, or buttocks of a person, you must gain consent before continuing.

If no consent is given, the searchee must still furnish anything of an in-character nature providing its discovery is plausible if an actual search were permitted.

Implied Consent

By participating in this game, you understand in-character pick-pocketing and looting may happen.  If this is not to your liking, please do not attend as others are working under the assumption of implied consent to search game-legal areas as dictated by the above rules.