Mütvia holds what you can do, so can your character. While poisons and their use obviously fall outside of that realm, they do indeed exist in a land filled with terror and murder. These rules cover their use.

Poisons are apothecarial recipes and follow all the same rules of creation. Furthermore, they count as apothecarial recipes for purposes of determining the apothecary’s rank.  Dealing with poisons is fraught with danger, however, as the Land seems rather keen in making sure the crafter is the first one poisoned even though decades of apothecarial experience may be had. 

To counter this, certain people have learned how to control the Land’s impulses through a series of Endeavors called “Poison Use”.

Poison Use: Apprentice
Poison Use: Journeyman
Poison Use: Master Journeyman
Poison Use: Master
Poison Use: Grand Master

Cannot be taken at character creation.  Use of this endeavor allows the user to craft one dose of poison of the appropriate crafter rank without fear of poisoning themselves. Without this endeavor, any who attempt to craft poison will be affected by the poison as it was self-administered.

Poison Use does not grant immunity to any poison beyond the initial crafting process.

To learn Poison Use, you must be taught each variation of it individually by one who knows it. Furthermore, you may not learn a variation of Poison Use that exceeds your crafting rank.

Cost: 1 Threshold per poison dose crafted

Using Poisons

Each poison recipe will contain instructions of how it may be administered, but here is an overview.

Please note the red poison stickers mentioned will be supplied at Logistics with successful creation of poison for those that need it.


Usually with stabbing attacks, the poison can be affixed to a blade. Such weapons must be piercing weapons such as swords, daggers, and even axes. Such attacks must touch unarmored flesh unless the weapon can do so via the Bypass enhancement. Once delivered, the attacker must notify the victim verbally that they’ve been poisoned, what the effect is, the onset time, and duration (if any).

For example, “Poison: immediate nausea for five minute, two minutes of unconsciousness, then death.”


These poisons usually appear in incense form. Notice is given to those who smell the poison or in some cases, are in the same area as the poison (especially indoors).

Notice is as per “Injection” above, though some may have cards you can place near the incense.


Mütvia is riddled with tales of poisoned food and drink.  To poison food or drink, the poisoner must have access to the vessel containing the food or drink to be poisoned, place a red poison sticker on the bottom of the vessel, and notify a marshal. The number on the red sticky dot is the number of the poison which can be cross-referenced with a publicly available list of poison effects. If the vicitm is alerted to the sticker’s presence after the food or drink was consumed, the effect takes hold and hence why a marshal is notified.

Of course, the horror of seeing a friend drink out of a mug with a sticker on it should be roleplayed as they notice something amiss, e.g. there’s something “sticky” on the mug, the victim’s face begins to “grow pale”, etc.


Contact poisons work identical to “Ingestion” above, and the item will have a red poison sticker with a number.

Poison Stickers and Poison Administration

Each sticker must be firmly secured to the vessel for the poison to work.  If it has fallen off of the vessel prior to the poisoner’s consumption, the poison is said to have been poorly administered and does not take effect.

It is up to the administrator of the poison to place the sticker in such a place that it will be noticed by the victim, but in a manner that it is hidden until it’s too late. Have fun with this challenge!

Poisons and the Honor System

If you’ve been poisoned, it’s up to you to be honest about it and roleplay it accordingly. Watching your friends scramble to assist you as you roleplay the effects can provide excitement, drama, surprise, and many more elements of a good story. Don’t be shy! Roleplay the hell out of it for the benefit of all.