Endeavors and Achievements

Last update: 23 December 2017

Work in progress.

Very few items will be removed but instead added.
This information may be used to build characters during the beta.

Endeavors vs. Achievements

Endeavors you learn, achievements you earn.

Achievements Overview

Achievements are like Endeavors in that they may appear on the character sheet but are gained through player action such as using recipes or casting rituals.  This is the game’s way of recognizing the efforts of the player as their character and rewards such actions with access to increasingly rarer knowledge or the in-game ability to perform more complex tasks as related to the Achievement, for example.

As they are rewards and recognitions, they can never be taught, gained via item possession, or chosen at character creation.

Earning Achievements

To earn an Achievement, your character must perform a series of tasks such as craft items, cast rituals, or discover and use new hexes and curses. In other words, it is a written acknowledgement of your character’s achievements.

Realms of study in which Achievements may be earned are Apothecary, General Crafts, Witch (hexes and curses), Jeweler, Smithing, and Vrojiti (charms, amulets, and talismans).

The first time your character performs one of these actions they immediately earn the title of Apprentice marking their journey into a certain realm of study.  Once earned it will appear in the Achievements area of the character sheet as Apprentice Apothecary: X, Apprentice Smithing: X, Apprentice Fate Caster: X, or whatever path of study the character has embarked.  The ‘X’ will be the number of times they have engaged in that practice to inform the player how much further they have to go to earn the next rank.

Every 30 times the character has engaged in that realm of study, they earn the next rank.  Just like in crafting, the ranks are Apprentice, Journeyman, Master Journeyman, Master, and Grand Master.  Hence if a character has crafted 35 items using Apothecary recipes, they would be known as a Journeyman Apothecary and their character sheet would show Journeyman Apothecary: 35, indicating they have crafted 35 items thus far and by deduction, have another 25 items to craft before earning the rank of Master Journeyman.

Endeavors Overview

Mütvia is largely “what you can do, your character can do.”  For those things you cannot do safely, sanely, realistically, or legally at the game, we have Endeavors.  They exist because your character can do these things as someone who lives in a world where such things are possible.  Sometimes they represent mundane actions such as healing someone.  Other times they represent near-magical feats.

Your character may perform an Endeavor once they have the Endeavor on their sheet.  They are gained either at character creation or via a teacher in-game.

Endeavors are organized into a hierarchy called Tiers.  Tier 1 are simple effects, Tier 5 are advanced effects.  Some have Tier 6 which are the stuff of legend.

Choosing Endeavors at Character Creation

At character creation, you choose three Tier 1 Endeavors with which to start the game.  They may be General Endeavors, Caste Endeavors, or a combination of the two.  Of the Caste Endeavors, you may only choose from those shown under your chosen caste below.

During the game, someone from another caste may teach you Endeavors from their Caste, but this is rare.

Learning Endeavors

To learn Endeavors, they must be taught in-game.  Teachers may be another character who has the Teach Endeavor or a Host Item.  To learn an endeavor, the student must sit with the teacher for one hour as the new Endeavor is taught.  Teachers with more stacks in Teach can reduce this time.

To learn the higher tiers, you must first learn at least one of each of the lower tiers.  For example, to learn a Tier 5, you must first learn a Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and a Tier 4.  This process is repeated each time you wish to learn Endeavors, i.e. for each Endeavor of a tier higher than 1, you must have lower tiers as well.

Stackable Endeavors

Stackable Endeavors, or those with (s) after their name, are the exception to the “must have a teacher to learn” rule.  They represent a further understanding of the same principle and as such may be increased by self-teaching. Each Tier of a stackable Endeavor is called a stack, but they are otherwise the same.  The only difference is tiers require a teacher, stacks may be self-taught. Only one stack may be learned per game, and that one stack counts towards the limit of Endeavors your character may learn per event.

Key & Definitions

(*) Free to use. This endeavor does not require Threshold to use.

(b) Boost. With each additional Threshold spent, the endeavor’s power can be boosted temporarily for greater effect. See endeavor’s description for more information.

(s) Stackable. You may learn this endeavor multiple times, each time increasing the potency of that endeavor. Stackable endeavors may be self-taught once the first tier has been learned.

Mock. Certain endeavors call for in-game actions on behalf of the characters that are not safe, sane, or legal in real life. These actions, called “mock” actions, are meant to be roleplayed as if the characters did it but not actually performed in real life by the players.

Skilled Hits are Endeavors with effects delivered via a melee or ranged attack, whichever is specified.  The keyword of the Skilled Hit must be pronounced and any Threshold spent, if applicable, prior to the attack.

Endeavors by Caste



Of the Land*
Sense Undead

Tier 1

Consult the Ring* (s)
Lessons of the Task Master
Remove Fear

Tier 2

Command (b) (s)
Command Undead (s)
Don’t Kill the Messenger

Tier 3

Aura of Might (b)
Barbed Rebuke
Call the Pack (b) (s)
Inquiry of Shadows
Reveal Shadow

Tier 4

Disarming Presence
Enthrall (s)
Feast of the Wolf

Tier 5

Call the Nether Spirit
Lair of the Dragon
Master of Protocol



Gather Food*
Not Today!*

Tier 1

Resourceful* (s)
Sense Spirit
Signs* (s)

Tier 2

Feign Death
Heal Sanji*
Spirit Sight

Tier 3

Not on my Watch
Reveal Spirit

Tier 4

Feast of Labors
Heal the Soul
Reveal Shadow
Root (b)

Tier 5

Free Spirit
Soul Reformation



Resist the Grave*
Sense Spirit

Tier 1

Peer into the Depths
Reveal Weakness
Something’s in your Eye! (b) (s)
Spirit Sight
Waters of the Eddei (b) (s)

Tier 2

Drop That! (b) (s)
Match the Foe
Reveal Spirit
See Beyond

Tier 3

Breath of Life
Twist Fate
Watch your Step (b) (s)

Tier 4

Bane (S)
Evil Limb (b) (s)
Fate Rests in the Cards
Feast of the Blood

Tier 5

Calamity (b) (s)
Imbue Weapon
Master of Fate
Mountain of Fear
Soul Reformation

General Endeavors


3 – Conservation (s)
4 – Expert’s Touch
1 – Favored Apprentice*
2 – Hand of the Ancestor
4 – Hasten Work (s)
1 – Identify Animal*
1 – Identify Mineral*
1 – Identify Plant*
2 – Identify Property
5 – Masterpiece
1 – Specialist*
1 – Studied Apprentice* (s)

May not be taken at character creation:
1 – Poison Use: Apprentice
2 – Poison Use: Journeyman
3 – Poison Use: Master Journeyman
4 – Poison Use: Master
5 – Poison Use: Grand Master


1 – Assess the Humours* (s)
1 – Cauterize*
2 – Heal Break*
1 – Heal Limb*
1 – Heal Torso*
5 – Revive*


3 – Blind (b)
3 – Break Limb* (s)
1 – Daze*
2 – Deafen*
2 – Impale*
3 – Knockback (b) (s)
1 – Makeshift Repairs* (s)
2 – Shield Slam*
1 – Twist the Knife*
1 – Waylay* (s)


1 – Teach* (s)
Torch* (Free)


3 – Banish
2 – Entreat Spirit
3 – Command Spirit
3 – Commune with Spirit (s)
Double Agent
Reveal Creature

The Forbidden: Dark Endeavors

Dark Endeavors may not be chosen at character creation.

Feared, reviled, and illicit, Dark Endeavors call upon unnatural forces like evil spirits and daemons to achieve works on behalf of the practiioner.

Dark Endeavors work a little differently than most.  In addition to drawing power from the Land via the user’s Threshold, they also draw power from things around them such as food, resources, and more, sapping the Land’s energy from all things in time.

Food may begin to rot, fluids go sour, people come down with plagues and diseases.  Farms may find a blight, animals die in bizarre circumstances, iron rusts, herbs decay beyond use, and spirits or worse begin to populate the area.

Some possible effects when dark endeavors have been used nearby:

  • Fluids go sour
  • Food turns rancid
  • Resources begin to expire prematurely
  • Some villagers gain boils and hives
  • Weapons and armor begin to rust
  • Some villagers begin bleeding from the eyes
  • Diseases, plagues, and other afflictions break out
  • Food shortages occur as the Land becomes blighted
  • Farm animals perish in bizarre ways (reducing food supplies)
  • Entire villages die off

Note the user is not affected by the above effects.  This could make the user’s life very difficult indeed.

It is no wonder nobles countrywide outlaw such practices.  With few exceptions those who are caught dabbling in such dark forces will suffer death at the executioner’s block.

Blood Magic

Path of the Whole Body

1 – Restore Limb
2 – Fix the Bone
3 – Regrow the Limb
4 – Heal the Soul’s Container
5 – Restore Vitae
6 – Conjure Natural State

Path of the Rotten Corpse

1 – Wither Limb
2 – Break the Bone
3 – Bisect the Limb
4 – Harm the Soul’s Container
5 – Exsanguinate
6 – Disintegrate

Dark Land

1 – Consumption
2 – Hasten Rot (b)
3 – Sap Life
4 – Sever Birthright
5 – Sever Threshold
6 – Sadistic Transference


1 – Is That All You Got?
2 – Armour of the Ancients
3 – Knowledge of the Ancients (s)
4 – Strength of the Ancients (s)
5 – The Juggernaut (s)


Path of the Pierced Shroud

1 – Sight Beyond Sight
2 – Control Spirits
3 – Agonize the Veil
4 – Steal the Caul
5 – Cage the Spirit
6 – Call of the Grave

Path of the Stricken Bones

1 – Prepare the Body
2 – Vivisection
3 – Exchange of the Species
4 – Animate the Extremity
5 – Enslave the Corpse
6 – Patchwork Creation

Shadow Arts

1 – Sense the Umbral Passage
2 – Work the Poison (s)
3 – Subsume to Shadow (b) (s)
4 – Road of Dranathas
5 – Shiv of the Shadow (b) (s)
6 – Shadow Form


Curses are powerful rituals one may cast on a single entity to an entire area and all those within.  As such, they are not endeavors but nor are they like normal chalk circle rituals.  Those who know curses have prepared their mind and body to hold on to the curse’s energy like a battery until the time comes to release the effect.

Thus is the dying breath of the wicked often a curse.

Below are endeavors that assist with curses, but are not curses in their own right.  As such, nobles and their assigns may find the practice of these endeavors just as guilty of illicit practices as actually casting the curse.

Preparation of curses may only be done in-game and it is the preparation that will cause the negative effects listed in the introduction of this section.

Curses use recipes to craft and as such fall under crafting rules.

Lastly, curses fall under the “Witchcraft” crafting type.


Hexes are small “curse bombs”, or objects imbued with a minor curse that affects all those within the hex’s radius or until the hex is destroyed.

To destroy it, three hits from any weapon will suffice.

If the hex is destroyed, the continual effect ends but any side effects may continue.

For example, if a hex is thrown in a cabin with the call “Hex: Drain Threshold, one per ten second for the entire cabin” and the bag is immediately destroyed, all those affected do not regain the initial 1 Threhsold loss until the next Surge or by other usual means.

Hexes will always contain a card that lists the effect.  Usually they are placed in an area, under a bed, or hidden in some place.  When so hidden, a marshal will place a card with the hex’s effects listed in the affected area.  This card is not the hex itself, but an out of game object that acts as a marker and reminder the hex’s power is still in effect.

Ranges may be a radius or the limits may be the boundaries of the area.  Details will appear on the card.

Hex bags may also be tossed in to an area amidst people and immediately take effect.  If a hex is used in this fashion, the thrower must loudly state to the affected, “Hex: [effect], [range]” with effect and range matching the hex card’s content

Preparation of the hex will cause the same negative effects as in the intro to this section.

In all other respects, hexes follow crafting rules and count toward “Witchcraft” as their crafting type for purposes of determing one’s crafting level.

Sample Caste Concepts

If you enjoy creating characters based on a concept, perhaps you’ll enjpy some of these samples.

Under no circumstances are you obliged to pick one and follow these samples.  They only serve as inspiration if needed.



Of the Land*
Sense Undead*

General Noble

Command Subject (b) (s)
Command Undead (s)
Feast of the Wolf

Path of the Dragon

There is no time for politics or gentle talk.  The Land demands action and I am its agent.

Lessons of the Task Master
Lair of the Dragon (s)
Twist the Knife*

Path of the Wolf

Strength comes by commanding respect from the masses.  Reward loyalty and fearlessness foremost.

Aura of Might (b)
Call the Pack (b) (s)
Remove Fear

Path of the Intelligencer

Information is a weapon and I wield it with both hands.  Let the Land whisper its secrets.

Consult the Ring* (s)
Command Undead (s)
Inquiry of Shadows
Enthrall (s)
Call the Nether Spirit

Path of the Herald

My Lord is my world and all shall bend a knee before them, for I am the voice of their nobility.

Twist the Knife*
Don’t Kill the Messenger
Barbed Rebuke
Disarming Presence
Master of Protocol

Path of the Knight

Let them stay in their hoary halls and rule by word alone.  My blade is my voice, my shield my fortress.

Shield Slam*
Call the Pack (b) (s)
Disarming Presence
Lair of the Dragon (s)

Path of the Physic

I know the secrets of the body and command its humours.  Come now, let me … cure you.

Heal Limb* / Heal Torso* / Assess the Humours* (s)
Heal Break*
Break Limb* (s)
Enslave the Corpse

Path of the Rapscallion

Let them be swaddled in silk and dalliance, I choose leather and chance of the road.

Barbed Rebuke
Feast of the Wolf
Master of Protocol



Gather Food*
Not Today!*

General Commoner

Feast of Labors

Path of the Crafter

No other way, my lord.  By hand it must be and by hand I make it.  Ain’t no one else make it like me.

Identify Animal* / Mineral* / Plant*
Hand of the Ancestor
Conservation (s)
Expert’s Touch

Path of the Cutpurse

Fancy a toss with chance?  No? Should’ve said yes.  Hand over that fat purse then.

Waylay* (s)
Blind (b)
Break Limb* (s)

Path of the Leech

Stop your whinging or I’ll cut ya meself.  Now stay still or this’ll hurt more.

Heal Limb*
Heal Torso*
Heal Break*

Path of the Mystic

They told me you were coming.  Now sit, they wish to speak to you of many things.

Sense Spirit
Spirit Sight
Commune with Spirit (s)
Soul Reformation
Free Spirit

Path of the Provider

Shh.  Move.  You’re standing on my turnip.
Alright, what were you sayin’?

Harvest (s)
Hunter (s)
Miner (s)

Path of the Soldier

Yes, m’lord.  Another drósti pogrom, m’lord. Right, you are m’lord.

Makeshift Repairs* (s)
Shield Slam*
Not on my Watch
Break Limb* (s)

Path of the Warden

You’re right to be afraid.  But you have to know the signs to stay alive.  Stay close to me.

Resourceful* (s)
Signs* (s)
Heal Sanji*
Not on my Watch
Feast of Labors



Sense Spirit*
Resist the Grave*

General Drósti

Feast of the Blood

Path of the Eddei

Come, come.  The Eddei can cure all.  Listen to the Song and have faith.

Waters of the Eddei (b) (s)
Set the Bone
Breath of Life
Feast of the Blood
Soul Reformation

Path of the Evil Eye

Hah!  You should not have crossed me!  
Stop hitting yourself!

Something’s in Your Eye (b) (s)
Drop That  (b) (s)
Watch Your Step  (b) (s)
Evil Limb  (b) (s)
Calamity  (b) (s)

Path of the Fates

Sure, the mystics say they can see and hear spirits, but can they alter your future?

Peer Into The Depths
See Beyond
Twist Fate
Fate Rests In The Cards
Master of Fate

Path of the Midnight Blade

Them or my family.
They will die.

Reveal Weakness
Match the Foe
Reveal Creature
Bane (s)
Imbue Weapon

Path of the Midnight Eye

Shh!  Watch them, how they move…
Yes, use your blade as follows…

1 – Sense Spirit
2 – Reveal Weakness
3 – Pierce the Mask
4 – Repulse
5 – Don the Mask

Path of the Mizhak

No one sees the barjo.
(Stone cold stare.)

Twist the Knife*
Break Limb* (s)
Knockback (b) (s)
Mountain of Fear

Path of Veils

The spirits call us all home, let me guide you through their pain.

1 – Spirit Sight
2 – Reveal Spirit
3 – Spirit Form
5 – Bridge the Veil

Complete List of Endeavors

Armour of the Ancients

By conducting a preparatory ritual for 10 seconds, the kirkejoi is wrapped in a spiritual armor for one minute that steps up their existing armor by one, i.e. none to light, light to medium, medium to heavy, heavy to master crafted.  Each limb and the torso is considered its own piece of armor for purposes of this endeavor, i.e. one hit to the limb or torso expends the Armor is that location. 

Aura of Might (b)

By summoning a powerful wave of might from the Land itself the user may create an aura about them that keeps all at bay momentarily, even allies.  By outstretching their arms in a commanding fashion and loudly pronouncing the keyword, all are compelled to stay three paces away from the user for the 15 second duration of the endeavor or until the user drops their hands, whichever comes first.

Boost:  For each Threshold spent beyond the first, the duration is extended by 5 seconds.

Keyword:  “Aura of Might, 3 paces”

Assess the Humors* (s)

After a brief mock examination (or touch with target’s consent) of the target, you may say the keyword. The patient must provide truthful details according to the level of Assess attained. While describing, the target’s timer is paused for up to 30 seconds. Each level confers all information up to and including information gained from previous tiers.

  • T1: Nature and location of wounds caused by physical means, e.g. melee, ranged, claw, bite, etc. Side effects such as a ghoul’s paralysis may be accurately diagnosed in higher tiers.
  • T2: Determine phase and time remaining in that phase, e.g. Bleed Out: Unconscious, 30 seconds remaining
  • T3: Identify diseases (leprosy, paralysis, dropsy, etc.)
  • T4: Identify poison and venom
  • T5: Identify spectral afflictions (including insanity)

Note: Some poisons and venom may replicate diseases and result in false diagnoses at T3.

Keyword:  “Assess the Humours: wounds / wounds and status / wounds, status, and diseases / wounds, status, diseases, poisons and venoms / all”

Bane (s)

By studying a non-human target’s movements and basic structure, the user may exploit perceived weak spots. For the length of one battle or one minute, whichever expireses first, the user’s weapons will do one more level of damage against the creature’s hit locations.
Stack: For each stack beyond the first, may grant this ability to one drósti partner providing they stay within three paces of the user.

Keyword: (point) “Bane”


Target is forced into Spirit Form and banished to the Veiled Gate. Target must place one hand across their chest and journey to Spirit Camp. There is a risk they will be attacked while there, but may immediately leave.

Keyword: (point) “Banish”

Barbed Rebuke

After a delivery of non-stop stinging insults and with a pointed finger at the target, the Herald may cause the target to experience agony. While in agony, the target may only defend or walk away painfully.

Keyword: (point) “Agony: 15 seconds”

Blind (b)

With a sweep of the hand before the target and a loud pronouncement of the keyword, the user causes the Land to temporarily assail the target’s eyes and blinds them for 30 seconds.

Boost:  For each Threshold spent beyond the first, duration is extended by 10 seconds.

Keyword:  “Blind, 30 seconds”

Break Limb* (s)

Skilled Hit. May only be used with a two-handed weapon. With a melee strike empowered with the power of the Land to the target’s unarmored limb, the target’s limb is shattered in gruesome pain and requires Heal Break to return to normal.

Stack: For each stack beyond the first, the target’s limb may be affected if wearing armor of the next class, i.e. T1: unarmored, T2: Light, T3: Medium, T4: Heavy, T5: Master Crafted

Keyword: “Break Limb / Break Limb, light, etc.” (Call out the highest you have as higher stacks always affect lower armor classes.)

Breath of Life

By whispering, humming, or singing the Song of the Eddei softly to one target in Bleed Out: Conscious, Bleed Out: Unconscious, or Spirit’s Song and washing their wounds with clean water, the target’s body is fully healed and revived entirely in ten seconds.

Keyword: “Heal All and Revive”

Bridge the Veil

You must hurry! I cannot hold this open forever!

With tremendous concentration, the user can create a bridge that opens a temporary passage between this world and the next. The exact manner in which this pseudo-ritual is cast will vary from user to user, but this pseudo-ritual will always take at least one minute of active ritual work and involve at least three components: the bone of an individual deceased for no more than one year, three drops of blood of someone happy with life, and the essence of the spirit of passion.  The latter may be achieved by significant roleplay by another of a strong and barely controllable emotion, making this pseudo-ritual require two people at minimum.

The pseudo-ritual must be cast in front of or near the Veiled Gate area or near a graveyard. During its casting and use, the caster must remain undisturbed and remain in concentration for the entire duration: five minutes. One hit of a melee or ranged weapon is sufficient to break concentration.

Once the bridge is open, any ally the caster designates may enter the Veil via the Bridge. To represent the Bridge, the caster must have marked a pathway at least two paces wide and four paces long on the ground with Ritual Chalk.

If the caster closes the Bridge or is disturbed in any fashion while the Bridge is open, the Bridge closes, the caster erases the ground markings by dashing it with feet or using a branch, and those within are trapped. After five minutes of being in the Veil without a Bridge open, those inside will lose one Threshold per minute. If any so trapped reaches zero Threshold, they will be permanently lost in the Veil, i.e. the character’s body dies and bypasses Spirit Song, Spirit’s Journey, and Spirit’s Revelation. Instead, there is a chance those trapped will return as a Shattered Spirit.

Keyword: (one minute ritualistic incant which includes marking the Bridge) …open the Bridge!


Character Creation only. The noble’s wealth is demonstrated through their ownership of quality armor. This endeavor allows the starting character to enter game with a piece of armor of Journeyman quality, meaning it will last six events as opposed to the usual three for starting equipment. The participant must still furnish actual armor as normal and show it to the safety marshal. Upon passing inspection, the marshal will create an item tag. Normal: Characters may enter game with apprentice-created equipment that only lasts three events.

Cage the Spirit

Dark Endeavor. Among one of the most feared powers is the ability to capture a spirit’s energy and store it for later use. After 30 seconds of incant loud enough for the spirit to hear, the drósti is able to place into a specially prepared vial called a “Spirit Cage” the essence of the target spirit.  One use of this power charges the Spirit’s Cage with three Threshold that must be used prior to the next Surge or the Cage will automatically empty.  Any Threshold removed is taken from the spirit.

Keyword: “Steal Threshold: 3”

Calamity (b) (s)

With but a pointed finger and a word, the target is filled with a growing sense of dread and realization that all their worst fears are now coming to life, mere moments away. Every twig snapped in the distance is an assassin, every ally a possible traitor, every enemy their worst nightmare. Lasts for 30 seconds.
Stack: Per stack beyond the first, one additional hand is affected. User must signify which on each enemy if affecting multiple enemies. Boost: Per Threshold spent beyond the first, duration is extended by 30 seconds. Keyword: (point) “Calamity (time)”

Call the Nether Spirit

The spy rings of the noble courts are a secretive bunch and these Intelligencers, as they’re called, can wield enormous unseen powers.  Call the Nether Spirit is one such power.

It has now come full circle since the Intelligencer first started on this path. Once per event, in secretive ritual in which they write down that which they wish to happen, and with the expenditure of one permanent Threshold, the Intelligencer will summon a Nether Spirit to perform the deed written on the paper. It must be written in Mütvian and must be turned into Logistics, though it can be turned in at the end of the game with their character sheet. The deed may be anything including the assassination of another character or creature. The Intelligencer has no control over the shape, identity, or manner of the entity being summoned, nor the exact time or date when the endeavor will be carried out (however such specifics may be included nonetheless to assist Logistics in the coordination of the event). The Nether Spirit being contracted and paid for in Threshold will be highly intelligent and act to the intent of the deed. But like any hired thug, the Nether Spirit may demand more information of the Intelligencer and will visit them specifically to request such. If the deed to be performed is especially difficult, the Nether Spirit may negotiate for a higher price, the exact nature of which will be determined when the Nether Spirit visits the Intelligencer. Once the deed and payment (if any additional was required) is agreed upon, the Nether Spirit will perform the deed to the best of its ability and there is no cancelling it. If the Nether Spirit is slain during the deed’s execution or the deed is executed successfully, the contract is over, and any payment (including the original Threshold) is concluded.

Call the Pack (b) (s)

The user and one additional may begin a ferocious advance on the enemy, calling Fear once upon one other they choose that dares to approach within five paces.  At the Pack’s formation, members of the Pack must be gathered around the user, but may spread out thereafter providing they remain within line of sight of the issuing user. Boost:  For each Threshold spend beyond the first, one more Fear may be called by members of the Pack.
Stack:  For each stack beyond the first, one more pack member may be added. Keyword:  (point) “Fear!”


The heat of red hot steel can sear closed even the most grievous of wounds. With 20 seconds of mock heating a metal object large enough to cover the intended wound, Cauterize will cease Bleed Out timers (once all wounds have been cauterized). Only one wound per use of Cauterize is stabilized. Additionally, if a limb or torso wound is diseased via specific creature attacks and the patient is attended to with Cauterize within two minutes of the wound, the wound will be stabilized and the disease will be cured. Cauterize may stir to brief consciousness those in Bleed Out: Unconscious, but will not change the Bleed Out status of the target. Prerequisite: Must have a mock source of fire and metal object large enough to cover wound (swords and axes will do). Keyword: “Cauterize”

Command (b) (s)

The noble becomes infused with the majesty of the Land and may temporarily use it to force their will upon others. With a finger pointed at the target and the expenditure of one Threshold, the noble may issue a one word command the target must immediately and quickly obey. If the command is performed under protest by the target, the target is expected to roleplay the duress of following such a command so it becomes evident to all witnessing this is a supernatural effect. The command may not be destructive to the target or others. The command may not be woven into a sentence, it must be as the Keyword is described. (Intent is to prevent further description of what the command is supposed to entail. This also allows the target some room for interpretation, even though the command must be immediately obeyed. The target should go with the first thing that comes to mind as per point of honor.) Commands that force a single action expire once the action has been performed or after five seconds has passed, whichever comes first. If the player of the target cannot physically perform the command due to a physical limitation (medical reason, obstacle, etc.), the command expires without result. This endeavor has no effect on a noble of equal or higher station. Targets of this endeavor may not have Command used on them again for five minutes. Historically, nobles that abuse this power have been seen as too reliant upon the Land for their rule. Examples:

  • “Kneel” will force the target to kneel on either knee (providing the target’s player is actually able to kneel) but they may stand back up immediately if they choose.
  • “Leave” is generally understood to leave the area. The target will quickly turn and attempt to leave the area but the command is over once five seconds has passed or until out of sight of the noble, whichever comes first.
  • “Kill” will not work as it is a) self-destructive, and b) the noble cannot further describe who or what must be killed. Hence the command would fail and the noble’s Threshold would still be spent.

Stack: For each additional stack, one more target may be Commanded. Boost: For each additional Threshold, extend duration by 5 seconds. Keyword: (point) “Command: [one word command]”

Command Spirit

With the expenditure of a Threshold and a commanding tone, the drósti may temporarily control a minor spirit. This endeavor expands on Command, but allows for a three to five word command the spirit will seek to fulfill to the best of its abilities. This includes attacking another. To use this endeavor, the user must know the type of the spirit to be commanded: Cauled, Shattered, or Deceiver. Keyword: (point) “Command [Cauled, Shattered, or Deceiver]: [three to five word instructions]”

Command Undead (s)

With the expenditure of a Threshold and a commanding tone, the noble may temporarily control a minor undead creature. This endeavor expands on Command, but allows for a three to five word command the undead will seek to fulfill to the best of its abilities. This includes attacking another.  To use this endeavor, the user must know the type of the undead to be commanded: Ghoul, Ghast, or Unmade.
Stack:  For each stack beyond the first, one more of the same type of target may be Commanded Keyword: (point) “Command [Ghoul, Ghast, or Unmade]: [three to five word instructions]”

Commune with Spirit (s)

By pointing a finger at Sensed and Sighted spirit and saying the keyword, the Mystic may ask the spirit three Yes or No questions which the spirit must answer truthfully, however it may be as direct or indirect as befitting the spirit. Shattered Spirits, for example, cannot speak in direct sentences. Keyword: (point) “Spirit, I seek answers three…”

Conservation (s)

By summoning forth the Land’s energy, you increase the potency of one resource needed in a recipe or work plan so as to decrease the quantity needed by one to a minimum of one.  Initially, only Common resournces may be so conserved, increasing with additional stacks.

Stack: For each stack, the rarity of the resource to be conserved is increased by one. I.e. 1=Common, 2=Uncommon, … 5=Very Rare


Dark Endeavor.  Bringing the full power of the Dark Land to bear upon a victim, the noble may deliver a powerful stroke of death in the form of a rampaging disease to one living creature with a touch attack via weapon or hand.  Unlike most Dark Land endeavors, the hand does not need to be ungloved.  Consumption will cause the target to experience increasing sickness for five minutes (nausea, coughing, aches & pains), unconsciousness for five minutes, and then death. Cure Disease will cure Consumption if administered in the first five minutes. Revive buys five minutes of time after which Cure Disease will heal the victim.  if the target is not healed in five minutes, however, the Bleed Out countdown resumes although another application of Revive may be used to further delay the effects. Users of Consumption should let the victim know secretly that a Cure Disease effect will halt progress. Keyword: (touch) “Consumption — Sickness, 5 minutes; Unconsciousness, 5 minutes; then Death”

Consult the Ring* (s)

Check-in only.  Discover a tidbit of information from their “spy ring” about one plot point, a character, or a creature. This Endeavor may be taken multiple times, and each time the Intelligencer has no choice in the information they receive until Tier 5. The information gained becomes increasingly useful with each Tier:

  • T1: Random tidbit about a plot, character, or creature. No names will be mentioned.
  • T2: A small secret revealed about a plot, character, or creature. No names will be mentioned.
  • T3: A medium secret revealed about a plot, character, or creature. Specifics may be given.
  • T4: Detailed and specific information about a plot, character, or creature.
  • T5: The Intelligencer may now ask one question of a Yes/No/Maybe variety about a plot, character, or creature.


Skilled hit. With a successful melee strike to the upper back, the target is dazed for 5 seconds. They are able to defend themselves but are otherwise disoriented and unable to do much else.  Daze does not cause a torso wound.

Keyword: (melee hit) “Daze”


Skilled Hit.  By striking the target in the upper arm and calling the keyword, the target is deafened for one minute.  This endeavor can protect the target against sound attacks such “By My Voice”. Keyword: (melee hit) “Deafen”

Disarming Presence

When in the presence of their noble, the Herald may declare that fighting shall cease by the sound of their voice. Such a command is fueled by the power of the Land and all within earshot are compelled to follow this command. This power lasts for 30 seconds. Does not affect attitudes or vocalizations. Keyword: “By my voice, Disarming Presence! Stop fighting, 30 seconds!”

Double Agent: House Artifact, Guild Shrine, or Drósti Heirloom

…and so I bind myself to this oath of loyalty forever more. (under breath) They’re just not the only one… May not be taken at character creation. Swears of fealty, guild obligations, or oaths of family are serious and solemn events. When a house, guild, or family has a host item, however, they become sacrosanct… unless you’re a double-agent. Those with this endeavor may swear loyalty to more than one house, guild, or family and derive the benefits of each host item if permitted to be listed as a benefactor. Furthermore, if you are accepted as a benefactor to more than one host item, your presence will also count toward the potential or active tier for such host items in the event in which you attend. Use of this endeavor is often punishable by death by princes, guild masters, borjas, and zhidoro alike.  Use with caution! Note: Each pick of this endeavor allows the character to be listed as a benefactor on one additional host item beyond the first. This is not stackable, it must be retaught each time. Furthermore, the teacher of this endeavor must be of the same caste as the additional host item covered by this endeavor. E.g., if you are a noble and you infiltrate a commoner guild for the purpose of affecting a Guild Shrine Stone, you must be taught this endeavor by a commoner. To benefit a Drósti Family Heirloom, you must be taught by a drósti, etc.

Don’t Kill the Messenger

I come on behalf of… ::thwak::  OW!  Don’t kill the messenger!  As I was saying, I come on a diplomatic mission on behalf of… The Land embraces the noble with protective energies as they go out on diplomatic missions. Once per encounter with a creature or group of creatures, the user may attempt to start a conversation and use this endeavor in response to any single attack from an opponent either via melee or ranged weaponry.   If the melee strike or ranged attack only hit armor and not unarmored limb or torso, this endeavor may not be used as the endeavor calls upon the Land’s energy to heal one wound; a wound must be suffered first.  The wound is healed providing this endeavor is called upon immediately after the injury. Keyword: (after melee hit) “Don’t kill the messenger”

Drop That (b) (s)

Caster points at intended limb, clarifying if need be, and says the keyword. Target’s fingers become splayed in a spasmodic motion so as to cause them to let go of whatever was held in that hand. Shield straps and weapon lanyards will cause shield and weapons to remain on arm, but not on hand. The target may pick the item back up immediately.

Boost: Per Threshold spent beyond the first, target may not pick up dropped items for 5 seconds.

Stack:  Per stack beyond the first, one additional hand is affected.  User must signify which on each enemy if affecting multiple enemies.

Keyword: “Drop that!  (5, 10, 15 seconds, etc. if applicable)”

Enthrall (s)

While Consult… and Inquiry… garner their information from unknown sources — some say it’s the Land itself — the real power of the Intelligencer lies in the creation of their own spy ring. By extending their own power of the Land to another, the Intelligencer may slowly build up thralls — those willingly enslaved to the Intelligencer.

  • T1:  By ritualistically burning one drop of blood willingly and mockingly given to the Intelligencer by the would-be thrall (and thus sealing the deal), the Intelligencer may pass some of their own power to the thrall in the form of one Threshold.  This Threshold is removed from the Intelligencer’s sheet and placed on the Thrall’s sheet.  This arrangement lasts until the Intelligencer cancels it which may be done at will providing the thrall is alive, in game, and not in Bleed Out. If so cancelled, the Intelligencer regains the Threshold and the thrall loses it.  If the arrangement is permitted to persist beyond the end of the event, Logistics must be notified so both character sheets may be altered.  If the thrall dies before the Intelligencer can cancel the bond, the Intelligencer’s Threshold is permanently lost.
  • T2:  By now the thrall has become a true slave.  Thrice per Surge the Intelligencer may deliver Command to the thrall, but the Command may be couched in a sentence for further clarification.  Thralls created prior to gaining this tier are not affected by this tier.  Instead, another drop of of the thrall’s blood — given willingly and mockingly to the Intelligencer —  is to be ritualistically burned to seal this deal.
  • T3:  The thrall and the Intelligencer now share the ability to tap into shadowy messengers that will deliver a hand-written note from one to the other.  The sender must hand-write a message on a piece of paper in Mütvian and deliver it to Logistics.  Within the same event, a shadowy messenger will deliver the message to the recipient and await a reply, if any.  The shadow is not obliged to stay any longer than one minute.  These shadows may only be detected by Sense Shadow.  For all intents and purposes, a note appeared in front of the Intelligencer.  If a reply is sent, it, too, must be hand-written on paper and the note simply “disappears” into thin air as the shadow takes it.  If this power is abused, the shadow servants may not deliver the note at all.
  • T4:  Once per event, the Intelligencer may now provide knowledge of one of their own endeavors to the thrall to be used as if the thrall has learned the endeavor themselves.  The Intelligencer does not lose the endeavor’s use.  Unlike T1’s Threshold exchange, this endeavor loan does not last beyond the end of the event, but it may be reestablished at the next game and with a new endeavor.  This power does not require any new blood from the thrall and may be done with any thrall established prior to gaining this tier.
  • T5:  The intelligencer now owns the life of the thrall.  At will, the Intelligencer may call upon a thrall to heal the Intelligencer using their own life’s force, up to and including three torso wounds thus placing the thrall into a state of Bleed Out.  The Intelligencer may not take any more than is needed to heal themselves.  Conversely, the Intelligencer may heal the thrall with the Intelligencer’s own life force.  This power may only be initiated by the Intelligencer. The Intelligencer may create as many thralls as they have Threshold, but may not ever leave themselves without any Threshold through the use of this endeavor.

NOTE: No actual blood is to be shared or spilled in the execution of this endeavor.  All such actions must be mock role-played.  Both players are encouraged to discuss how this may affect the role-play of their characters as there is a power exchange governed by game mechanic.

Entreat Spirit

A single yes/no question may be asked of a spirit who must answer within 30 seconds.  Spirit to be questioned must be able to interact with questioner, i.e. via Spirit Sight, the spirit made corporeal, or the questioner is in Spirit Form.

Keyword: Spirit, I entreat you…. (ask question)

Expert’s Touch

Cannot be taken at character creation.  Can only be used by Journeyman rank crafters and above.

This Endeavor increases the creation rank of one arm or armor piece providing it was originally made by a crafter of one rank less or lower. The increase in creation rank is only ever one regardless of the rank of the user of Expert’s Touch, i.e. a Master Smith can improve an Apprentice-created weapon to that of a Journeyman, but not to a Master.

Each item may benefit from Expert’s Touch once in its lifetime.

Evil Limb

The caster points at a target limb, clarifying if need be, and says the keyword. The targets limb flails about wildly but if a weapon is in their hand, they may strike allies accidently. Caution must be shown; the flailing limb must not cause OOC damage to any. Keyword: (point)Evil limb!”

Fate Rests in the Cards

To gain this Endeavor, the drósti must have a Fate Deck, a 30-card deck of fortunes and prophecies. The target must cut or shuffle the deck first. By spending at least five minutes with the target in a reading, the drósti will then lay out four cards face down. The fifth card is turned up with the drósti interpreting the card’s meaning as a fortune. At that point, the effects of the card are placed on the target. The drósti may never use this Endeavor on themselves. Not today! may be used on the applicable effects. This Endeavor cannot be used if the deck does not have the following 30 cards in it.

  1. The Sun – Target’s armor value is doubled for the next hour.
  2. The Anvil – All armor or all weapons are instantly repaired
  3. The Icicle – Target believes their primary arm is frozen solid; cannot use primary arm.
  4. The Storm – One piece of armor or one weapon is destroyed (drósti chooses)
  5. The Star – Allows the target to avoid one Skilled Hit in the next 24 hours by calling “Not today!”
  6. The Sky – Target may use Identify Plant, Identify Animal, or Identify Mineral thrice within 24 hours
  7. The Waters – All of the target’s wounds are healed
  8. The Dagger – The target immediately enters Bleed Out: Unconscious for two minutes, then Spirit Song, etc,. if not revived
  9. The Grave – Target may call “Not today!” twice until end of event
  10. The Ghoul – Target gains Condition: Leprosy until cured.
  11. The Darkness– Target gains Curse: Blind for the next ten minutes.
  12. The Moon – Target gains Condition: Paranoia until cured.
  13. The Spear – Target’s nearest ally immediately enters Bleed Out: Unconscious for two minutes, then Spirit Song if not revived. if no ally is near, next ally the target sees.
  14. The Shield – The target cannot die this event. If brought to Bleed Out: Unconscious, they remain there for two minutes, then heal to Bleed Out: Conscious, then heal to full after five minutes; or until healed.
  15. The Night – Target possesses all “Know” Endeavors until sunrise.
  16. The Land – Draw again, effects are doubled, i.e. Two pieces of armor, twice in 24 hours, etc.
  17. The Inferno – All of target’s equipment is immediately destroyed.
  18. The Fates – Target may use one of the following on any other target within the next hour: Blind, Heal Limb, or Spirit Sight, target’s choice.
  19. The Spirit – Target may enter or come out of Spirit Form for a total 30 minutes until end of event. With this comes Spirit Sight. Spirit Form: Your physical body and everything on it disappears as you enter the spirit world. While in Spirit Form, you cannot engage with anything physical, i.e. combat, communication, etc. During this time, spirits will ignore you.
  20. The Flower – Must call “No effect” against any Endeavor used against them for the next hour.
  21. The Scythe – The target believes they are undead for the next 30 minutes, starting five minutes after the reading ends. This includes trying to eat fellow humans, inflicting damage on limbs with Bite 1, Bite 2, Bite 3 (one damage)
  22. The Coin – Drósti must give the target their player number. Target may go to Logistics and request three resources of potentially multiple kinds and rarities.
  23. The Scorned – The target gains Curse: Jealous and will steadily grow insane in their jealousy of someone else’s possession, friends, etc.
  24. The Warlord – Target’s current weapons swing for Bypass, Medium for the next five minutes.
  25. The Nightmare – Target will attack any non-drósti allies as if they were enemies they see for the next hour, or until brought to Bleed Out: Conscious.
  26. The Mystic – Target’s Threshold is doubled and refilled until the next Surge.
  27. The Lover – Target falls in love with the next non-drósti they see.
  28. The Urchin – Drósti telling this fortune suddenly gains five resources of the target’s. Neither party is aware of this transaction. Target must allow drósti to pick five randomly.
  29. The Void – Target immediately loses all Threshold.
  30. The Ring – Drósti must give the target their player number. Target may go to Logistics and request Consult the Ring III. Target should provide Logistics marshal with the drósti’s player number.

Favored Apprentice*

Character creation only.  Start play with three Apprentice-level recipes, three basic/simple tool item cards, or a combination thereof.  Each of the three picks may apply to of any of the following crafts of the player’s choice: Apothecary, Smith, Jeweler, Vrojiti (charms, amulets, talismans).

Feast of Labors

Gathered around a hearth, campfire, or feast table, commoners have long found solice in the company of others of their ilk. Providing only Commoners are present when the specially prepared Feast starts, after ten minutes all Threshold is regained and all wounds healed for five of those who took part in the Feast. Each additional ten minutes spent in such revelry will do the same for another five Commoners. If the festivities are interrupted by any of another caste, the powers of the Feast ends with the results of the last complete ten minute span.  Items are unaffected.  May be used once per 24 hour period. Keyword: “Those Commoners gathered, Restore All”

Feast of the Blood

When sharing in food and drink and merriment for at least ten minutes with others of the same Drósti Family, the Eddei practitioner may deliver a quick speech about the healing powers of water and, if they so choose, may sing or hum a part of the Song of the Eddei. When the speech ends, all Threshold is regained and all wounds healed for those who took part in the Feast. Items are unaffected.  May be used once per 24 hour period.

Keyword: “Those Family gathered, Restore All”

Feast of the Wolf

Those who follow the Teachings of the Wolf, a more community and service-orientated way of leading, know this very well and prefer to keep their allies and supporters strong. When sharing in food and drink for at least ten minutes with others who have sworn Fealty to the noble or are of the same House, all Threshold is regained and all wounds healed for those who took part in the Feast. Items are unaffected.  May be used once per 24 hour period.

Keyword: “Those of my House, Restore All”

Feign Death

Survival is survival and sometimes survival means being dead… or at least pretending to be.  The user has learned how to tap into the poweer of the Land to seem dead and as such, must lie perfectly still and seem dead for all intents and purposes.  Assess the Humours will register the user as a dead body and one who’s spirit has already moved on.

By use of this endeavor, nature-based creatures such as sanji will wholly ignore the seeminngly “dead” person.


Fix the Bone

Dark endeavor.  With a mere touch, the user calls to the blood of the victim to immediately heal their broken limb in a horrific display of cracks and snaps as the bone pieces itself back together.

Keyword:  Agony, Fix the Bone

Free Spirit

Through some investigation on the part of the Mystic to discover the fetter of a particular spirit, or that which binds them to this world, the Mystic may at once free the spirit and in exchange earn a favor from the spirit.  The favor may come in the form of valuable information, a deed, or anything else the spirit may agree to via role-play with the Mystic.  Both parties are encouraged to role-play this heavily as the freeing of a spirit by destroying or returning a fetter is literally a life-changing experience for the spirit.  If the Mystic continues freeing spirits, those in the spirit world may hold the Mystic in high regard, seeking them out as an ally.  Unfortunately, this kind of attention also draws in unsavory and malevolent spirits who may also benefit from being freed, but at the cost of peril to the Mystic’s own safety.

Keyword: “Free Spirit”

Gather Food*

Check-in only.  Commoners have become rather resourceful as a whole and their Caste Birthright demonstrates this. Upon checking in at Logistics, the Commoner can request a “Gather Food” card that is good only for that event. When the food item is eaten, one wound is healed within ten minutes. First torso wounds are healed, then limbs. While they are not solutions for emergencies, multiple can be eaten for a greater effect.

Gather Food item tags are destroyed when in the vincinty of Dark Endeavor use.  You will know this when you hear a marshal call out “By my voice: Destroy Food”.

Hand of the Ancestor

When crafting, ancestor spirits can prove extremely useful when tools have gone missing or are otherwise not available. Once per recipe or workplan, the crafter may call upon the aid of an ancestor spirit who will provide the missing tool and even prepare the ingredient. Forges, workshops, work tables, or other large tools cannot be substituted with this Endeavor.

Hasten Rot (b)

Dark Endeavor. With a pointed finger at a target in Bleed Out, the target’s condition is advanced by one minute to the next deadly phase. Boost: For each Threshold spent beyond the first, Hasten Rot worsens the target’s condition by one more minute. Keyword: (point) “Hasten Rot: 1 minute / 2 minutes, etc.”

Hasten Work (s)

The crafter has become so efficient in their time management that they can reduce the crafting time of a recipe by five minutes per stack.

Heal Break*

By using a splint, bandages to affix the split, and some folk medicine of the user’s choice, the user may heal a broken limb in five minute’s time without the use of balms. Keyword: “Heal Break”

Heal Limb*

The user is proficient in the art of stabilizing and healing limb wounds. User may heal a maimed limb (typical melee hit against a limb) after one minute. Use of this endeavor requires the use of physical bandage props (no item card needed). Keyword: “Heal Limb”

Heal Sanji*

While more akin to plants than humans, the sanji can suffer wounds that are just as debilitating. With 30 seconds of time spent reweaving vines, replacing leaves, and wiping away plant juices, the commoner may heal one wound level on a sanji. Keyword: “Heal Sanji”

Heal the Soul

After five minutes of incantation, chanting, incense burning, or anything else the mystic wishes (within the bounds of the rules of the game), this Endeavor will negates any non-Curse or Ritual effect from target except The Juggernaut.

Keyword: “Heal the Soul”

Heal Torso*

As per Heal Limb, but heals one torso wound in one minute. If target was in Bleed Out, this endeavor does not stop the timer, i.e. Stablize must still be used to pause the timer. Use of this endeavor requires the use of physical bandage props (no item card needed). Keyword: “Heal Torso”

Identify Animal*

Allows the user to identify and properly collect items dropped by animals, or the harvestable remains of an animal. If a character with this skill sees an Item Tag on the ground, they may read it. If it is an Animal tag, the character may spend 30 seconds collecting it from the ground.

Identify Mineral*

Allows the user to identify and properly collect minerals. If a character with this skill sees an Item Tag on the ground, they may read it. If it is an Mineral tag, the character may spend 30 seconds collecting it from the ground.

Identify Plant*

Allows the user to identify and properly harvest plants including herbs. If a character with this skill sees an Item Tag on the ground, they may read it. If it is a plant tag, the character may spend 30 seconds harvesting it from the ground.

Identify Property

With careful study using specific equipment, patience, and experimentation, the user may identify one property of one animal, mineral, or plant resource per use.

Roleplay for about 30 minutes with various pieces of lab equipment in experimentation.  Each tool being used may provide a different result!  When you come to Logistics, you’ll be asked what tools you used and how you did it.

For the initial cost of one Threshold, you may determine one property of a single resource for which you have the appropriate Identify (Animal, Mineral, Plant) and that corresponds to your crafting skill or lower.

  • Apprentice — Can use Basic Tools with Common resources
  • Journeyman — Can use Standard Tools with Common or Uncommon resources
  • Master Journeyman — Can use Advanced Tools with Common, Uncommon, or Scarce resources
  • Master – Can use Master Tools with Common, Uncommon, Scarce, or Rare resources
  • Grand Master – Can use Advanced Master Tools with Common, Uncommon, Scarce, Rare, or Very Rare resources

For example, an Apprentice has only enough skill to work with Basic Tools and Common resources.  A Master Journeyman, however, may use their Advanced Tools and discover properities of Scarce, Uncommon, or Common resources for the same one Threshold.

At this time, only increasing in crafting rank will allow you to experiment on resources of greater rarity than your crafting skill allows.

Imbue Weapon

By combining the hard lessons learned while on the road with those of ancient Mütvian magic, the drósti has learned how to share the benefits of one with the rest of their family. Once per battle, the user may share the special material property of their own weapon with their allies in hopes of taking down a powerful adversary. Upon the call of this endeavor, all willing allies who heard the call will have the properties of the weapons active in their hand temporarily transformed into that of the caller’s cry. This endeavor lasts for one minute.

Keyword: “By my voice, Imbue weapon: (silver, cold iron, etc.)”


Skilled Hit.  With a two-handed pole weapon such as a spear or polearm, a target may be impaled against a solid object or the ground with a successful melee thrust.  To impale someone to the ground, they must first be prone. Care must be taken with any thrusting weapon.Out of game, only sufficient force is required to touch the target enough to let them know they’ve taken damage and must not cause the opposing player to fall or otherwise be in real danger. Impale does one level of damage as usual to the unarmored torso.  Can be stacked with the Bypass property of certain weapons if armor is present. If the called thrust is successful, Impale takes place and the target may not move from that position so long as the user continues to hold the “impaled” in place. Note: Incapacitated targets or those otherwise fully restrained may be impaled without use of this skill.  This includes sleeping or unconscious targets.  Again, caution must be shown and only sufficient force may be used to alert the target of what’s happened.

Keyword: (thrust attack) “Impale”

Inquiry of Shadows

Check-in only.  Whereas Consult the Ring may yield useful information that may have been previously unknown to the Intelligencer, Inquiry of Shadows now allows the noble to reveal specific information. The Intelligencer may now follow up their Consult the Ring use with one Yes, No, or Maybe question of a Director or Storyteller. This power may only be used immediately after Consult.

Is That All You Got?

Through intense training, the kirkejoi may cloak their body in invisible ancestral spirit energies, causing the first two melee or ranged strikes against their person to become fruitless. This use of this endeavor must be declared loudly prior to the strikes to be affected. Once called, the next two strikes, no matter the source, are affected. Unlike Armor of the Ancients, this affects the first two strikes and not the entire body’s armor. Keyword: “No Effect” (up to two times, when struck)

The Juggernaut (s)

For 30 seconds, all melee attacks, ranged attacks, and Endeavors (including Skilled Hits) against the user are ignored, although armor is affected and takes damage as normal. Certain rituals may still affect the Juggernaut.

During this time, the user must roleplay an unstoppable force, fierce in temperment, and an absolute machine.  Once expired, all wounds catch up to the Kirkejoi and user enters Bleed Out: Conscious for five minutes.

Stack: Each stack beyond the first extends this endeavor by 30 seconds.

Keyword: “No effect” (when struck)

Knockback (b) (s)

By summoning a minute bit of the Land’s power, you may send a number of targets flying backwards by three paces with one wound against their torso. Number of targets is determined by boost. Can only be done with melee weapon in hand; swipe blade horizontally in front of targets at chest height without actually making contact with any.

Boost: Each additional Threshold spent allows for one more pace of knockback.  Damage does not increase.

Stack: Each additional stack allows for one additional target

Keyword: (point or indicate targets, swipe weapon) “Knockback 3 paces (4 paces, 5 paces, etc.)”

Knowledge of the Ancients (s)

By conducting a brief ritual that envokes ancestral spirits, the kirkejoi is guided to the weaknesses in an opponent’s armor and may call “Bypass Armor: Heavy” once on the next melee swing.
Stack: For each stack beyond the first, the kirkejoi may call Bypass Armor: Heavy for one more consecutive melee attack. Keyword: “Bypass armor: Heavy”

Lair of the Dragon (s)

By designating a single rally point with a banner, pennant, colours, guidons, standard, or other such highly visible noble device, a Lair may be established for five minutes with a five pace radius (roughly 20′ diameter).  All allies within are healed one wound per minute starting with torso and ending with limbs and any enemy entering the radius experiences excrutiating Agony for the duration of their entry. While in agony, the target may only defend or walk away painfully. For healing, the target being healed must remain still for the duration and silently count to 60 seconds per wound level. Those in Bleed Out do not have their timers stopped if placed in the radius, but once every 60 seconds one torso wound will be healed.  Obviously the Lair will not work for those in Bleed Out: Unconscious but it will provide a sanctuary for healers. The Lair continues to operate until the noble who called it into being leaves the radius of the standard, the standard falls, or the noble is placed into Bleed Out. The Lair does not provide any defense against ranged weapons.
Stack: For each stack beyond the first, the duration is increased by five minutes. Keyword: “Lair of the Dragon!”

Lessons of the Task Master

Through the demonstration of absolute tyranny the Noble reminds the common person who is really in charge: the Commoner may not die without the noble’s permission. The noble must maim at least one limb of the commoner to restore the Commoner’s Boon allowing them to call “Not today!” twice more that event. The Commoner must have already used their Boon up for this power to be effective.

Makeshift Repairs* (s)

By spending 5 minutes jury rigging broken armor, the user may restore one piece of armor to a useful condition. “Piece of armor” is defined as a single unit when taken off. For example, a sleeve of full plate vs a single vambrace. Should the same armor gain the broken condition again — meaning it has absorbed its damage maximum — it cannot benefit from this endeavor again and must be professionally repaired.

Stack: Each pick of Makeshift Repairs allows for a makeshift repair of a particular quality of armor, i.e. T1: Apprentice, T2: Journeyman, T3: Master Journeyman, T4: Master, T5: Grand Master, T6: Legendary

Makeshift Repair and Bolstered:  If you start with Journeyman-crafted armor as per the Bolstered Endeavor and you wish to take Makeshift Repair also at character creation, think about taking Specialist as your third Endeavor choice so you may take a second tier in Makeshift Repair.

Master of Fate

A drósti with this endeavor is one to be feared as Fate itself is now under their control, though at great personal cost.  With the permanent expenditure of Threshold, the user may inform a Marshal or Logistics they are using this endeavor to alter the course of one event or being. The drósti does not have control over the exact outcome of their request, but they must put it into writing as part of the preparation. The request must contain these instructions:

  • Who or what is to be affected
  • In what way should they be affected
  • Ultimate desired outcome or goal

Master of Protocol

With firm knowledge of the proper protocol for any given scenario, the Herald may force any of lower station than their Lady or Lord within earshot to obey etiquette. For example, they can make all of lesser station kneel before the prince, for other nobles to bow, for all to be quiet as the noble speaks, etc. Heralds who abuse these powers for their own selfish needs are often found at the end of the blade, however. Keyword:  “By my voice, Master of Protocol! [kneel, bow, etc.]”


The crafter has begun to channel the power of the Land—ordinarily reserved for the selfish nobles—and achieved a high level of perfection in their craft.  With the permanent sacrifice of one Threshold they may permanently alter the item of their craft so it may be more powerful in some form, the exact nature of which is dependent on the craft:

  • Arms – May now hold one more endeavor
  • Armor – Adds two to the protection level of the armor
  • Balms, Incense, or Elixir – Doubles the dose
  • Vrojiti Jewelry – Piece may hold one more talismanic power
  • Charms – Doubles the effect (specify duration or quantity)
  • Amulets – Doubles expiration date
  • Hexes – Doubles duration
  • Curses – See Storyteller

Note: This Endeavor may only be learned once you have achieved Master or Grand Master in a crafting type.  Furthermore, it may only be applied to the craft in which you are a Master or Grand Master.

Match the Foe

By specifying one non-Human creature type within sight, the user may increase their armor by one against any creatures of that type for the duration of the battle or five minutes, whichever comes first.

Keyword: (point) “I match the foe”

Mountain of Fear

A favored tactic among the bodyguards of barjis is to block entry by rooting themselves to the ground and be an unmoving force of spiritual energy. For one minute, the drósti may stand in grim defiance of anything that comes, their body cauled in ever-raging spirits that absorb any melee or ranged attack.  The drósti may not move nor attack nor even speak, nor do Endeavors do not affect the drósti during this time. At the end of the Endeavor’s duration and for each melee or ranged attack (but not attempted endeavors) endured during Mountain’s duration, the drósti may point at and call Fear against one opponent. The drósti cannot repeat the Fear call against the same target and all Fear calls must be used in 30 seconds or be lost.

Keyword: “No effect (when hit); (point) Fear!”


Creature Endeavor. Drawing power from the Dark Land, the creature may cause all within earshot to abruptly awaken and experience terrible Agony and confusion. Keyword: Agony, 5 seconds; Confusion, 30 seconds

Not on my Watch

Should any commoner within five paces of the user fall in combat, the user may give one use of their “Not Today!” Boon to the fallen to get them back up. The user must have at least one of their boons left to use this endeavor, and it is used up when this endeavor is used. Keyword: (point) “Not Today!

Not Today!*

You think that scratch is going to end me? You know how many princes I’ve seen come and go?! Please, today is NOT THE DAY I DIE!

Birthright. Born and bred in a land that wishes them dead, protected from the elements by nothing more than thin wooden doors and wattle walls, and always at war with denizens of the night, Commoners simply refuse to succumb to death unless it is on their own terms.

Twice per event, a Commoner entering Bleed Out may instead call out “Not Today!” and ignore the last effect that would have placed them in that state.

Keyword: Not today!

Of the Land*

Birthright. The nobles’ close ties to the Land provide them some immunity to possession and possession effects. If something attempts to possess the noble, the noble may utter the Keyword in defiance. Some particularly powerful creatures can bypass this, but in most cases the effects will still only last a few moments. Any noble who does become possessed is aware of it the entire time as if they are witness to it, but are otherwise powerless to do anything about it. Keyword: No effect.

Peer into the Depths

The target must answer one Yes/No question of the user.

Keyword: “Peer into the Depths: answer me this with yes or no”


Cannot be taken at character creation.  Use of this endeavor allows the user to craft one dose of poison of the appropriate crafter rank without fear of poisoning themselves. Without this endeavor, any who attempt to craft poison will be affected by the poison as it was self-administered. Poison Use does not grant immunity to any poison beyond the initial crafting process. To learn Poison Use, you must be taught each variation of it individually by one who knows it. Furthermore, you may not learn a variation of Poison Use that exceeds your crafting rank. Cost: 1 Threshold per poison dose crafted

Enslave the Corpse (B)

Dark Endeavor.  The powers of the Dark Land may be harnessed so as to prevent the recently deceased from being consumed by the Land.  Once the target has passed from Bleed Out: Unconscious, is in Spirit Song, or is otherwise dead (such as creatures other than humans) the user may utter a quick five second incant of their design over the dead body and cause it to rise with the keyword.  The player of the targeted reanimated corpse must be told their character is under the command of the user for five minutes and the particulars of this. The target is nothing more than a slow-moving animated husk, but will follow all commands of the user to the best of its ability. The user may release the dead, i.e. “I release you” or wait for five minutes to expire.  At the end of the endeavor, the corpse immediately passes back into Spirit Song or is absorbed by the Land if not human. Use of thie endeavor does effectively stall Spirit Song for five minutes. Boost:  For each Threshold spent beyond the first, the duration may be increased by one minute. Keyword: “I reanimate you.  Command, one minute.”

Regrow Limb

Shhhh… your blood is powerful enough to fix this. Now concentrate. (murmur and touch) Look! It grows back! A miracle! Gods be praised!

Dark Endeavor. With but a touch, the user can call upon the target’s blood and bring forth its latent regenerative ability. The target’s severed limb will reappear in one minute, but it will be excrutiating during this time. Afterwards, the target must rest for a while. Keyword: (two second incant), Regrow limb

Remove Fear

Remove Fear for self and/or one other ally. Targets must be under the effects of Fear for this to be effective; it may not be used as a preventative. Keyword: (touch self, point) “Remove Fear”

Resist the Grave*

Vlad, look what the prince has sent us. (ghoul attacks) Oh, how cute it is. Dispatch this thing, will you?

Birthright.  It is said the Drósti live their lives with one foot in the world of spirits and the other in the mortal realm. In so doing they have gained a kind of immunity to the diseases and enchantments of the world of the dead. Drósti are unaffected by paralysis or other infections spread by undead creatures of Tier 3 or lower.

Restore Limb

Oh, that’s a nasty wound you have there, let me see it. Oh! Look! It’s closing up on its own…

Dark Endeavor. With but a touch, the user calls upon the user’s blood to immediately heal the limb and bring it back to a natural state.

Keyword: (touch) Restore limb

Resourceful* (s)

To reflect the commoner’s knowledge of the land and their finds between games, the player may request at check-in one random Resource card per pick in Resourceful. Each draw can result in Common to Very Rare resources. If the user doees not have the appropriate Identify endeavor, they simply found something they think is useful to someone else but has no idea what it is.


Self-sacrifice is a warden’s last resort, but when necessary it can boost the morale and strength of others. While the warden’s Threshold is two or greater, the user may empty his remaining Threshold, cry out “Resurgence: #” (# being the amount of Threshold emptied) and grant up to five allies that amount. The user will immediately drop into Bleed Out: Unconscious but may be healed as if they had three torso wounds. Those who use and benefit from this Endeavor may not use nor benefit from it again until after the next Surge.

Keyword: “Sacrifice!  (indicate targets) Restore Threshold: [number of Threshold dumped]”

Reveal Creature

The spirits may now be called upon to provide information about one creature to the user.  By calling out to the creature with a pointed finger, the creature must respond honestly with its current form only, i.e. if a werewolf is as human, the answer will still be “human”.

Keyword:  (point) “Reveal Creature: What are you?”

Reveal Shadow

With a pointed finger and a loud command, the user may prevent the target shadow from re-entering the Umbra or entering Shadow Form for five minutes.

Keyword: (point) “Reveal Shadow: five minutes”

Reveal Spirit

With a pointed finger and a loud command, the user may prevent the target spirit from re-entering Spirit Form for five minutes.

Keyword: (point) “Reveal Spirit: five minutes”

Reveal Weakness

The user may call upon the the surrounding spirits to reveal the weakness of any one creature in their sight. Unless their identity is obscured through other means, the target must respond with one key weakness. “None” is an acceptable response for many creatures. Use of this power does not reveal disguises or if the creature has shapeshifted into a human. In the case of the latter, “none” is still an acceptable answer even though the creature’s true form may have a true weakness.

Keyword: (point) “Reveal weakness”


The user has approached near mastery of healing, now able to immediately bring back those from the brink of death. Those in Bleed Out: Conscious, Bleed Out: Unconscious, or Spirit’s Song will have their timers stopped upon initial application of this Endeavor and become conscious. If the target wishes to conduct any actions at this point, their unarmored torso can withstand one level of damage before they re-enter Bleed Out: Conscious. If they stay put for ten minutes, their body will begin to heal completely but not before a full ten minute rest. Certain apothecary recipes may speed this time up.

Keyword: “Revive”


Should an opponent attempt a skilled hit and you actually parry that blow with your own weapon and successfully hit them in return, you may return that skilled hit back on to the user. You do not require the endeavor they attempted to use.

Keyword: (after parry and strike) “Riposte”

Road of Dranathas

Dark Endeavor. Herein lies the secret of the Shadow as they take their first step into the realm of the Umbra. By standing in front of an obstacle with at least an opening large enough for air to pass through, the Shadow may cross their arms in front of their chest, say the keyword, and appear on the other side of the obstacle. Out of game, the player must obviously open doors, walk around obstacles, et cetera but does so with arms crossed. This will allow passage through typical cabin floor boards, screen doors, even through drafty walls.

Keyword: “Road of Dranathas”

Root (b)

The user may draw upon the connection of the Land and cause it to bind the target’s feet to the earth for the 20 second duration. Victims may defend and attack as normal though rooted to the ground.

Boost: For each Threshold spent beyond the first, duration is increased by five seconds.

Keyword: (point) “Root: 20 seconds (or appropriate duration)”

Sadistic Transference

Dark Endeavor.  Very few powers granted by the Dark Land can match the disgust Sadistic Transference has earned. By maintaining a pointed finger at the target for a mere ten seconds, the Occlusionist drains the target of any remaining Threshold they may have and shares it with others they indicate. This endeavor is also unusual as it has multiple effects starting immediately. Upon pointing the finger (which must remain pointed the entire time), the user proclaims “Slow!” which causes the target to move as if in slow motion.  Thereafter the Occlusionist begins a normal count to ten.  At ten, the keyword changes to “Sadistic Transference:  Steal all Threshold!”  The user must ask the target how much Threshold they had and then may disperse that same amount to themselves and up to three others. If the user drops the pointed finger, is struck blind, or disabled; or if the target manages to get out of sight in the ten seconds, the endeavor fails.

Keyword:  Point finger at target, “Slow!”, ten second count, “Steal all Threshold”

Sap Life

Dark Endeavor. The next step from Wither Limb toward powers granted by the Dark Land, the user may now touch another’s unarmored torso with an ungloved hand and sap their life as if hit in the torso by one weapon strike. The wound may be healed normally.

Keyword:  “Sap Life: 1 wound”

See Beyond

More than normal, the drósti has truly placed one foot inside the Veil and can gather information about it without use of a ritual.  The drósti may request of Logistics some small bit of information pertaining to the Veil, spirits, or something else related to the world beyond this.  The returned answer may be cryptic and seemingly random, but it will pertain to a current story.

Sense Spirit

I am sensing a spirit here. No, I am sensing many spirits here.

Drósti Birthright, free to use.  As Endeavor, one Threshold.  When a character holds one arm across their chest, they are said to be in Spirit Form and may not engage in conversation nor any physical activity with the living. Those with Sense Spirit, however, can automatically sense the presence of a spirit. To interact with them will require the use of other Endeavors such as Spirit Sight. Please note that Sense Spirit only allows the user to know a spirit is present, not what kind nor its appearance. The player must roleplay this ignorance. As part of their birthright, drósti do not spend threshold to use this endeavor; it is always active.

Keyword: “Sense Spirit”

Sense Undead

(Studies moving object in the distance) Yes… yes. The tie of that thing to the Land is undeniable, like a pestilence before us. I’ll deal with this.

Birthright. When in the presence of undead, the noble can confirm its identity as such with a quick study. In some cases, the noble may even learn what it is if it is Tier 3 or lower.

Note: Some undead can disguise their true nature and may respond with “No effect”

Keyword: Sense Undead: what are you?

Set the Bone

(Takes broken limb in hand) Let the waters of the Eddei mend you. Keep still as they straighten your broken… ::CRACK!:: …bone… Good. Now let the waters soothe your screaming… It’s unusual the powers of the blessed washing waters cannot heal broken bones, but drósti practitioners of the Eddei have learned of a way nonetheless.  By holding the limb still for one minute and humming or singing the Song of the Eddei, the bone may be set.  Some drósti witnessing this miraculous act swear they can hear the distant whispers of female spirits around them during the one minute count. Keyword: Heal Break

Sever Birthright

Nobles are feared throughout Mütvia and with good reason: their ability to control the connection of their lessers to the Land has been used as punishment more than once, especially on commoners whose “Not Today” birthright can be pesky when issuing justice upon them.  By merely pointing their finger at their target and uttering the Keyword, the target may not call upon their Birthright for the next five minutes.  Any effects that occur during that time (a noble possessed, a commoner put into Bleed Out, a drósti affected by certain undead abilities) take effect as if the Birthright did not exist and its effects continue after the five minute duration has expired. Keyword: (point) “Sever Birthright”

Sever Threshold

Worse than Sever Birthright, Sever Threshold removes the ability for the target to utilize their Threshold for five minutes.  Once the duration is expired, the target regains use of whatever Threshold they had prior to this endeavor’s use. Keyword: (point) “Sever Threshold”

Shield Slam*

Won’t stay back, eh? FINE! ::SLAM!:: Told ya to stay back… Shields are useful for more than defense; a good warrior knows the shield is also a weapon and can daze opponents with a proper slam. With the shield held in front of the body as normal, the user may take a single step forward toward the target and roleplay placing all their weight behind the shield. The shield’s front may make contact with the target’s torso (do NOT lift up to bring padded edge in contact with target’s chin) and in so doing, activate the keyword. If the shield does not make full flat contact with the target’s torso, the slam is ineffective. Keyword: “Daze!”

Shiv of the Shadow (b) (s)

Dark Endeavor. The Shadow has now mastered traversing the Umbra and has further learned how to phase only certain parts of their Shadow Form and one piece of equipment or weapon into physical reality for a flash of a second. For the duration of one strike, the Shadow’s weapon has the Bypass property (ignore armor). Immediately thereafter, the Shadow is forced out of Shadow Form.
Stack: For each stack beyond the first, the shiv remains for one more strike before forcing the Shadow out of Shadow Form. Threshold must still be used to form the shiv, however. Boost: While each stack allows the duration of Shiv to be extended for one more strike, each boost beyond the first allows the actual attack.

Signs* (s)

Check-in only.  With an ever-vigilant eye, the commoner has grown accustomed to seeing patterns and subtle differences in her environs and is able to interpret them with some degree of accuracy. During check-in, the commoner may ask for their sign from a Director. Signs will yield small to large tidbits of information about the Land, its general status and if anything ails it what that might be. It is for this reason nobles have begrudgingly called upon commoners with this endeavor in the past to provide advice. Each pick of this Endeavor yields more detailed information, not another tidbit.

  • T1: Minor portents that allows the user to start noticing patterns, possible hints as to their meaning.
  • T2: Minor portents with greater accuracy and more detailed information about the Land.
  • T3: The user begins to notice more details in the portent, better understanding of the Land’s expectations.
  • T4: The user is seen as figure worthy of the Land; greater secrets are revealed about its inner workings.
  • T5: The user may gain a powerful ally in the Land, or a group of smaller allies who see the user as a confidante.

Something’s In Your Eye (b) (s)

One of the target’s eye gets something in it, usually disrupting thought or intended action. Must be roleplayed for 5 seconds.
Stack: can affect one additional target per stack Boost: each additional Threshold spent adds 5 seconds to the duration Keyword: Something in your eye! (5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.)

Songs of the Eddei

“What’s he singing?” “It’s that weird drósti healing song.” “That? I heard it once before, that’s not it.” “Yeah, you go tell him that.” Songs of the Eddei is not an endeavor. It is an ancient traditional drósti melody sung, hummed, or played by drósti to enact their mystical healing. No one knows the origins and it would seem no one knows the original tune as all drósti perform it differently. Some drósti claim the original song still exists and if found, true miracles can happen.

Soul Reformation

Can restore life to those in Spirit Song, Spirit’s Journey, or Spirit’s Revelation. User need merely point at the individual and say the Keyword. Keyword: (point) “Soul Reformation”


Character creation only. While others start their journey with some general knowledge, you decided to specialize in one topic which yielded you more advanced understanding. Instead of taking three endeavors at character creation, you take Specialist and two stacks (T1, T2) of a single stackable endeavor. Stackable endeavors are marked with “(s)”.

Spirit Form

Item property.  Allows the user to enter the spirit world for five minutes by placing one arm across their chest. During this period, they may only be affected by Soul Forged weaponry as per normal spirits, may interact with any spirit as if they were physical, and may not interact with the physical world save with those that use Spirit Sight.

Keyword: “Spirit Form”

Spirit Sight

If a spirit is detected via other Endeavors such as Sense Spirit or through the spirit’s interaction with the land of the living, the user of this Endeavor may interact with that particular spirit for five minutes. Once the Endeavor has expired, the user may evoke it immediately by spending another Threshold. This power allows the user to interact with one spirit per Threshold spent.

Keyword: (point) “Spirit Sight”

Strength of the Ancients (s)

Dark Endeavor.  By spending one minute in preparatory ritual, the kirkejoi becomes a truly terrifying sight to behold on the battlefield. For one melee swing, the kirkejoi may deliver a single mighty blow against one target.  The target immediately receives one torso wounds that bypasses normal armor. The swing must not make contact with the target but must be wide enough to (in theory) make contact. Be advised many non-human targets have more than three torso wound levels.

Stack:  For each stack beyond the first, the user may inflict one more point of damage to the torso.

Keyword: “Bypass Armor: Heavy”

Studied Apprentice* (s)

Character creation only. Either before you set your hand at your craft or you’re a fast learner, you have already discovered many of the properties of certain Common and Uncommon resources, five in total. When taking, specify which resource type you like to have studied: Animal, Mineral, or Plant. You will receive a list of five resources and at least one property of each, starting with Common and moving on to Uncommon and so on.

Stack: For each stack beyond the first at character creation only, you will be given another five properties of the resource type you specify. If you already have Studied Apprentice of a resource type and wish to learn more, the next stack will continue upon the last.

Subsume the Shadow (b) (s)

Dark Endeavor. The Shadow has by now learned the secrets of the Umbra, allowing them and their belongings to traverse distances by disappearing into one Shadow and appearing in another within range. Both originating and destination points must be in shadow. If performed at night in the full moon, the user is still constrained to shadows cast by the moon’s reflected sunlight. If performed during a new moon or on an overcast evening, the Shadow may traverse from and to nearly any point within range. The user must make best honorable effort to stick to the intent of the rule. Shadows in Shadow Form may not interact with any physical object other than the ground/floor. While in Shadow Form, the user is only vulnerable to weapons with the Nightbane property.

Note: Nightbane weapons are weapons that actually glow out of character.  Even if an item tag for a Nightbane weapon is found, the phys rep must still glow for it to be used, even if this means the in-game weapon cannot be used until a suitable phys rep is found.  LED torches used in-game count as having the Nightbane property, but only if they contact the shadow.

Boost;  For each Threshold spent beyond the first, one more person may join the user in the Umbra but the additional person must touch the user at all times.  If connection is broken at any point, the additional person is cast out of the Umbra wherever they happen to be.

Stack: Each stack in this endeavor allows the Shadow to travel five paces with both arms crossed in front of their chest (Shadow Form).

Teach* (s)

To teach, the teacher must have the Teach endeavor and already have knowledge of the endeavor to be taught.  Also, the student must meet all of the prerequisites listed in the new endeavor’s description, if any. Teaching an endeavor takes one hour regardless of the tier to be taught, but each stack of Teach beyond the first reduces that time by ten minutes to a minimum of twenty minutes.

  • T1: 60 minutes
  • T2: 50 minutes
  • T3: 40 minutes
  • T4: 30 minutes
  • T5: 20 minutes

Once the tutelage time has passed and the student has learned the endeavor, the endeavor may be used immediately by the student. In the Endeavor section of the student’s character sheet, the teacher must write down the new Endeavor’s name, the teacher’s player #, and the teacher’s signature or initials. Teachers are permitted to charge any fee they wish for this service, providing it is always in-game, i.e. real world money, barter, or trade is not permissible.

Prerequisites: A student may only learn an Endeavor of a particular tier if they first have a stack of Endeavors of all preceding tiers.  For example: to learn a Tier V, you must first have a Tier I, II, III, and a Tier IV Endeavor without a Tier V on top.  It is possible to learn another Tier V, but that must also have its own Tier I – IV stack.

Torch* (free)

In the darkest hours, the Land allows us to illuminate our way. It also tells the denizens where we are. Damn the Land. Free for all characters. Allows the character to summon red or white light for illumination. In-character translation of using a flashlight for safety purposes.

Twist Fate

The drósti predicts something will happen to one particular target and writes it down on a piece of paper: Boon or Curse along with the target’s name. This paper is turned in to Logistics or a marshal who takes it from there. The effect will transpire either the current event or the next.

Twist the Knife*

Oh, come now. 15″ of steel inside your rib cage can’t hurt that much. Just tell us where it is and I promise I won’t twist the knife again.

With a piercing strike that does normal damage and a twisting of the blade, the target can be sent into blind agony. After a successful melee hit with a small one-handed weapon such as a dagger against the target’s unarmored torso, the user may keep the tip of the blade against the target’s body and twist the knife. For as long as the blade remains in contact with the body, the target is in sheer agony. While in agony, the target may only defend or walk away painfully. They can, of course, try to get away from the attacker thus making this endeavor more useful as a torturing device. Once the blade is removed, the effect ends but the target should continue to roleplay the wound in their side until healed as normal. The user can keep the tip of the blade against the target’s body and only periodically twist the blade for roleplaying purposes.  Should the target move away or contact is otherwise broken, this endeavor ends.

Twist the Knife also does one level of damage to the torso.

Keyword:  “Twist the Knife; Agony”

Watch Your Step (b) (s)

Ooopsey! Looks like you fell again. Oh! Look at that: again! Wow, your feet need practice, eh? (serious) Now you know: don’t come around here no more. Go. The target’s next step will miss. If on flat land, they trip (safely) prone to the ground. If climbing something, they lose footing with one foot. Roleplaying this Endeavor must never place the target in actual danger and all effects must be roleplayed responsibly.

The target can get bcak up immediately unless Watch Your Step has been boosted.

Stack: can affect one target per stack Boost: For each Threshold spent beyond the first, the target must stay prone for 5 seconds. Keyword: “Trip!”

Waters of the Eddei (b) (s)

Waters of the Eddei is ancient drósti water magic, an ancient tradition passed down through the generations and is prized knowledge.

While everyone practices it in slightly different ways, all practitioners have one thing in common: they “bless” the water with the powers of the Eddei which are believed to be ancient water spirits capable of purifying water and then somehow apply that water to the target.

Some soak bandages, some pour the blessed water directly over the target area, some literally wash the wounds carefully, and some sprinkle it on.  The effect is always the same, however: the target is healed of what ails it as per the below.

Each stack yields greater results, and only ever requires that the practitioner hum the Song of the Eddei and apply the blessed water to the affected area for ten seconds.  The washing may be with a damp cloth, a literal pouring of water (always ask the target first), a water-soaked bandage, or anything else the practitioner wishes as befitting their personal style.

Boost: With each Threshold spent beyond the first, the practitioner may also heal multiple wounds in the same ten second span, e.g. spend three Threshold, three wounds of the proper type will be healed at once.


  • T1: One limb at a time. Keyword: Heal Limb
  • T2: One torso wound at a time. Keyword: Heal Torso
  • T3: Cure one disease. Keyword: Cure Disease
  • T4: Cure one poisonous effect. Keyword: Cure Poison
  • T5: Remove spiritual influence. Keyword: Cure Possession

Note: Some poisons and venoms may replicate diseases and result in false diagnoses at T3. If the incorrect keyword is called, however, the target must say “No effect” in response.

Waylay* (s)

With a successful melee attack with a blunt weapon against the upper back of the target, the target may be knocked into unconsciousness for two minutes. They are not in Bleed Out. After two minutes, the target may awaken, though damage or vigorous shaking will also awaken the character.  Merely moving the character will not.

For Waylay to be successful the user must be fully behind the target and not be seen by the target, though they may know they user is somewhere back there.

The level of waylay called must match or beat the existing level of torso armor worn. Helmets elevate the level of armor by one regardless of the helmet type.  If the level of waylay called does not match or beat the armor of the target, target may call “No effect”.  As masterwork armor may be light, medium, or heavy, targets with masterwork armor may respond with “No effect” if “Waylay: Masterwork” was not called.  In such failed cases, the target need not reveal what kind of armor they have on.
Stack: For each stack, the weight of armor to be affected increases.  T1: Unarmored, T2: Light, T3: Medium, T4: Heavy, T5: Masterwork

Keyword: (melee hit)  Waylay / Waylay, light / Waylay, Medium, etc.

Wither Limb (s)

Dark Endeavor. With but a touch of the target’s limb through the use of this power granted by the Dark Land, the noble can cause it to begin withering to the point of uselessness as if it were struck by a weapon. The limb may be healed as normal. The touch will pass through the target’s clothing (but not armor) and the noble’s hand must be ungloved for this endeavor to work.
Stack: The second stack affects more than the muscles, it now also affects the limb’s bone. Keyword: Break Limb (cured by Heal Break). Max stack: 2.

Keyword: “Wither Limb” or “Break Limb”