What is Mütvia like? What will I experience?


When you arrive on Friday evening some time after 5pm, you’ll place your sleeping bag and other personal items in a cabin along with others.  Or perhaps you brought a tent in which you’re sleeping.  More participants will arrive throughout the night and new friends will be made as costumes are donned and anticipation builds for the upcoming weekend.  No doubt, some will be excited to talk about their characters and learn about yours.  Any information you provide is completely voluntary, of course, and some may prefer to keep introductions on an in-character level once game begins.


At some point you’ll make your way to Logistics where the Directors and other staff will register your arrival, accept your payment (if you didn’t pre-register), hand you your character sheet, and answer any questions you may have, sign up for a Swap Shift, and a clean up crew. 

Swap Shift

The Swap Shift is a four hour period of time during the weekend where you and others will be based out of Logistics, don different costumes, and portray the very denizens of horror others like yourself will encounter.  During this time, you may inadvertently learn a little about the plot, discover new creatures that go bump in the night, have a chance to portray something else, and experience Mütvia from the other side of the fence.  It’s fun!

After the Swap Shift, you may return as your primary cast character and rejoin your friends in the horrors.

The Schedule


9:00 PM – Participant Meeting

All participants will join the Directors in an opening meeting to go over safety, rules and regulations of the game and the camp.  Questions can be answered and an overview of the setting will also be had.

For those of you new to Mütvia, you may join the Newcomers Mod.  This is a special adventure designed specifically for newcomers.  it is meant to introduce the rules in a more hands-on manner, explain certain role-playing concepts, and ease you into this incredible setting.  A mod, by the way, is a “module”, or a small pre-designed series of events your character may experience and in which they interact with others.

10:00 PM – Game on!

The action starts at 10:00 PM when a sound cue signals the beginning of game.  At this point, you and all other cast members will now act as your character, or be in-character. You’ll introduce yourself as your character and others will do the same but be forewarned: like real life, any movie, book, or TV show, characters run the gamut of personalities and that nice person you just met may be portraying a murderous fiend in disguise.

For the next 38 hours until Sunday at noon, everyone in the game will be in-character.  You’ll find your accent (if you have one), your character will meet other newcomers, forge alliances and discover enemies, possibly fight against creatures of unknown nightmares, uncover plot lines and stories, and generally be fully immersed.

It’s all adult make-believe, of course.  Weapons are made of foam latex, costumes were stitched together probably the night before and then antiqued or aged to give them a lived-in experience.  No one is capable of performing actual magic, the horrific denizens of the night are portrayed by cast just like yourself, and we’re all here to have safe and sane totally geeky fun. 


You are in-character from midnight to midnight.  Go explore and find out about the world around you!


12:00 Noon – Game Ends

On Sunday at noon, the game comes to an end.  All cast rejoin the Directors in a closing ceremonies.  You may find some who portrayed something particularly horrible coming up to you to greet you with a smile in friendship and perhaps a real world introduction.  It’s all a game, after all.

After the meeting you’ll head back with others to your cabin or tent, change into normal clothing, pack up your personal items, clean up your entire area and leave it better than it was found.  All trash is removed — even if you didn’t create it — the area swept or otherwise made as spotless as possible.

 1:00 PM – Clean Up

 At 1:00 PM, you’ll rejoin everyone at Logistics where the clean-up crews will be assembling.  You’ll join the team you signed up for during registration, and your entire team will walk to an assigned camp area (perhaps one you hadn’t yet seen or played in), and pick up anything game-related, remove trash, and otherwise make as clean as possible.

And Lastly, camp clean and sign off

Once you’ve been released from the team by the marshal leading it, you can return to your cabin or tent area.  Another marshal will come around and inspect your area, and sign off on your sheet if it’s clean.

Once that’s done, head back to Logistics and turn in your sheet — our record of your time in Mütvia — which may now have instructions for the Directors of how you wish your character to grow between events.

After that, who knows?  Some cast might head to a local diner, others will be wiped from the physicality of the weekend and head home.

Either way, you’ve just spent 38 hours completely Immersed with others in your new hobby of LARPing and no doubt will already be planning for the next event with your new friends.


Mütvia as a setting

Mütvia was officially created as a land of horror and nightmares in 1986, but was drawn on to the map of Evindale, the larger world setting, many years prior.

Over the years, many players in great game systems like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and later, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, journeyed through Evindale. Characters were born and entire character lives imagined as is the nature of long running role-playing game campaigns.  Some of those characters continue today and you may have even met them during your stay in Mütvia.

As a setting, Mütvia is full of a people struggling to survive in a world likened to “mythological Transylvania gone wrong.”  Its creatures are largely original and created specifically for this game with some reimagined horror tropes as well as a reinvention of some old world myths specifically from Eastern Europe.

Mütvia at night…

Mütvia is dark: its people downtrodden, its nobles corrupt, its denizens deadly, its land nightmarish, and its technology locked in the dark ages.  Death is a release when midnight falls and unknown horrors awaken to torture your character’s mind.  Things will go bump in the night, screams will be heard across distances, and howls from clawed terrors will fill the night air.

We hope to give you, the player, a great time being scared but we really want your character to fear for their life.

…and during the day

During the day it’s barter, trade, train, meet others and network.  Build up your defenses, discover your allies, learn new things, go out on daylight adventures, and uncover clues of what’s to come.  Perhaps even journey to some remote region and seek revenge on that thing during the daylight when it’s at its weakest.

And yet despite the awful things that inhabit your character’s new home, you will hear more than once the unifying rally cry of a people born and bred, proud and loyal to be its citizenry:  Mütvia Rejestöi, (Mütvia is our heart).