What to Bring

The Basics of living in Mütvia

Playing in Mütvia requires you to camp, supply your own costume, food, drink, and more.  This can be a daunting task so we’ve compiled a checklist.

Aside from medication or physical assistance devices, anachronisms such as electronics are highly discouraged from being used in play.  This includes using overhead flourescent cabin lights.

Except in the case of emergencies, cabins using electric lights during game hours will be visited by shadows to turn them off… and then deal with those who turned them on.

If you want to sleep in a cabin…

Cabin space is first come, first serve on arrival.  Furthermore, none may deny cabin entry to a fellow participant in one of the three cast cabins.

At each camp we use, there is space for 70+.  As we currently have 30 or so active cast, surplus space is often converted to in-game living areas for atmosphere and comfort.

During the warmer months, we encourage people to set up tent/camp villages on the property’s spacious fields along the shady tree line.  Inquire of our staff if interested!


If tenting…

Though our camp has cabins, some may prefer to tent the experience.  If so, here are some handy items to bring:

  • Tent – If supplying your own tent, make sure you have a rain fly in the least but a tarp to place over it is better in the event of rain, etc.  A tarp will also help trap the heat in those cooler game months.
    • Flames of any kind are not permitted inside of any enclosure.  For atmospheric lighting, please use electronic candles.
    • Do NOT use a ground tarp.  The ground soaks up water just fine, a ground tarp creates a lovely pool under your tent in the shape of your body, .
  • Tent stakes, poles, & guy-lines – Only if you’re bringing a tent.  It can get windy, be sure to stake your tent to the ground.  Tent poles will help lift tarps to create awnings, too, while properly placed guy-lines can help secure them.
  • Air mattress or bedrollSometimes we sleep and it’s important in a high energy game such as Mütvia to rest.  Bring either a bedroll or air mattress to help make your sleep more restorative.
    • Air mattress?  Don’t forget the air pump.
  • Layers – You’ll be outside in the low 40s at night.  Layer up!  Tighter layer next to skin, looser layer to allow air to act as insulation.  Then layers on top of that.  Thermals are a good idea, just shed them during the beautiful days.

Bring your own food

We are in the process of finding camps with usable kitchens.  Until then, feel free to bring your own food and as an extra bonus, cook it in-character over the campfire!

For all, including tents and cabins…

NOTE: The cabins have bunk beds with thin mattresses you can use.  We ask larger people to take on the bottom bunk.

  • Sleeping bag / sheets and blanket – Yep, don’t forget these.  During the cooler months, make sure you have multiple layers of blankets/comforters or a properly rated sleeping bag.
  • Food – All participants must provide their own food.  Camp Redwood does have pre-approved camp fire pits that may be used for camp cooking.
    • We recommend a high protein and low carb / low sugar diet.  If you’re cooking, lean proteins with tons of veggies in a single pot do wonders for energy. atmosphere, and SO much better than so-called energy drinks or snacks.  Fruits and nuts during the day are wonderful to give your body a steady supply of energy.
  • Propane stove – You may bring a propane stove if you wish.  It must be at least 10′ away from any wooden structure and certainly not on a cabin porch.  Try to keep it out of sight.  Nothing blows “dark ages immersion” like a propane tank.
  • Water – All that running around, even in the rain and cold, will dehydrate you.  If you’re not urinating four to seven times daily, you may be dehydrated.  Bring water and drink lots of it.  Your urine should be the color of weak lemonade.
  • Meds – If you need them, bring them.
  • Clothing – Your outer garments will be your costuming (see below), but everything else should geared toward the season.  Dress in layers during the cooler months with a tighter layer next to the skin, and looser clothing over that to allow air to act as insulation.  Extra socks and underwear is LARP Law #1 for many.
  • Footwear – Mütvia frowns on sneakers or modern designed footwear, but participant safety must come first.  A pair of modern black boots with proper soles dressed over as something medieval/dark ages to hide buckles, zippers, laces, and logos is far superior to a pair of sandals when running through the woods.  Mütvia LARP strongly encourages everyone to wear footwear at all times.
  • Insect Repellent – Insects will love you, that includes mosquitoes and ticks.  DEET works, but we recommend this natural alternative from WedMD.  You may not run into many mosquitos in cooler weather, still be sure to check yourself for ticks.
  • Flashlight – All characters in Mütvia are said to have the same Endeavor, Torch, which enables you to use a flashlight as an in-character item.  Flashlights should have both white and red lenses.  White for those must have safety and search conditions, red for a walk through the woods at night as it will preserve your night vision.  Please avoid shining a flashlight in someone else’s eyes.
  • 5 gallon bucket, fire pit water – Our venue permits fire pits in a designated location, you must have a 5 gallon bucket of water within 20′ of the fire in case of emergency.
  • Costuming – Costuming not only lends to the atmosphere, it can protect you against the elements.  Cloaks, cowls, shawls, and furs can help trap body heat during the cooler months.  Bring extra socks, underwear, and a change of clothing for that inevitable messy day.  Layer up!
  • Black clothing – Your swap shift may have you portray many different roles.  As Mütvia grows we may have costuming for these roles.  In the meantime, however, black clothing can form the basis of a costume for these creatures.
  • Toiletries – Toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, SPF 35+ sunscreen, moisturizer
    • If you wear latex appliances or makeup, you will notice it’ll adhere better to lotioned skin.  Lotion up in the morning!
  • Towels – Bring two to four towels: More for those occasional downpours, spill accidents, makeshift tent doormats.

Weapons and Armor

Costuming isn’t the only visual contribution you make to Mütvia.  Your weapons and your armor do as well.

  • All weapons must be inspected by a Weapons Marshal prior to each game during check-in at Logistics.
  • Weapons should be of the latex variety for their safety and appearance which lends to the atmosphere.  Examples of such weapons may be found at Calimacil, Epic Armoury Unlimited, and many more such sites.
  • If you’re just checking us out and wish to participate but not invest the money just yet, post on our Facebook page a request for loaner equipment.  Someone may be able to assist you!
  • Armor must not restrict head, neck, torso, or limb movement beyond that required for running or engaging in combat.  This, too, should be inspected by a Weapons Marshal during check-in.
  • Actual armor is essential for those with an armor item tag; an item tag is useless without an actual physical representation.  Light armor consists of leather and other organic protective layers; Medium armor is usually chainmail, banded mail, ring mail, or other partially metal or very thick leather armor; Heavy usually consists of plates covering or encasing entire limbs. Remember, every armor has a weakness — reward your fellow player for a job well done if they strike a weak point by showing the pain it caused!



Mütvia Camping Cheat Sheet

If tenting…

  • Tent
  • Rain fly / cover tarp
  • Tent stakes, poles, & guy-lines

For everyone…

  • Air mattress or bedroll
  • Air pump (if with air mattress)
  • Sleeping bag / sheets and blanket
  • Pillow
  • Food, meals
  • Cookware, utensils
  • Food, snacks (fruit, nuts)
  • Water (more than you think, stay away from sports drinks)
  • Meds
  • Clothing (layered for the season)
  • Black clothing for swap shift
  • Extra socks, underwear
  • Footwear
  • Insect repellent
  • Flashlight (red/white lens)
  • 5 gallon bucket, fire pit water
  • Costuming (kit, belts, pouches, bandoliers, headbands, etc.)
  • Armor, weapons
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, SPF 35 sunscreen, moisturizer)
  • Towels, 2 to 4

Did we forget something?  Comment below!