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Nov 2017 Beta Test Goals


  1. Further explore general roleplaying rules
  2. Test simpler combat system
  3. Personalized Endeavor incantations
  4. Test simpler healing system
  5. Discuss at wrap

General Roleplaying Rules

For all:

  1. Roleplay weapons weight and use.  All weapons not part of the body have a weight that must be roleplayed.  Large weapons weigh more and are slower, smaller weapons weigh less and are quicker.  Weapons require effort to use, show your co-players how that effort manifests.  We should be worried when someone can swing a long sword like it was made of foam.
  2. Sufficient force.  You may use sufficient force in combat to ensure your combat partner has registered a hit.  If they are wearing armor and they do not feel your swing, they cannot be expected to react to it.  If they are not wearing armor, they only need to feel a weapon strike, not walk home with a bruise.
  3. React to everything.  Reward your co-participant with a reaction for their good roleplay.  Feel for weapon hits and react in pain and/or acknowledge the physics behind your form being hit with a weapon.  Failure to do so is against the rules.  Listen for Endeavor use, calls for attention, taunts and insults, compliments and attempts to charm.  No matter who does what in-game, you must have a reaction to it.
  4. Act as you expect to be treated.  The storytellers do not control character reactions, we provide a setting.  If your character wants to be treated a certain way, your character must demonstrate behavior that elicits the desired response in others.

Simpler combat system

For Swap Shift characters only.
Once you have done this in your swap shift, feel free to do it as your character after as an option.  Many do this anyway instead of counting numbers in their head, so you wouldn’t be alone.

  1. No numbers.  You will not be given numbers for armor or body.  If portraying a non-human creature, you will be told what affects you as normal (cold iron, silver, etc.), what banes and protections affect you (garlic, “spiritbane”, etc.).
    If you have tougher armor, it  means you can take more hits on average but it doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable.  All creatures have a finite life span.
    Goal: allows for greater immersion for all participants
  2. Roleplay: an alternative damage source.  You will always be affected by the standards (see below), but you will also allow for alternatives.  Weapons made of special materials are typically the only way to damage certain creatures, though the environment or status of the creature is also a factor.  Instead of just these standards, you will also see alternative noted as such.  Alternative damages will be explained at the beginning of your swap shift and when assigned certain roles.
    Goal:  reward exceptional roleplay and allow for emotion or palpable intent as a game mechanic of sorts; returns responsibility of the story to individualsFor example, an incorporeal spirit may not be affected by a normal weapon, but a truly impassioned character wielding a weapon would be.  Directed passion can damage incorporeal spirits regardless of weapon type as they thrive on emotions.  Exceptionally roleplayed emotional responses may even cause an incorporeal spirit to react differently, including fade back to the Veil.”Truly impassioned” or “exceptional roleplay” can be defined as roleplay that turns heads and is not “typical” for that character.  A Day One fighter type with a simple normal weapon who hits your spirit character would not do anything.  That same character who shows fear in fighting you may strengthen or weaken your spirit character as per storyteller direction.  But that same character who is *really* trying to attack your spirit character, demonstrates proper combat performance as befitting the weapon type, and seems to have something going on that stands out from the others deserves to be rewarded in some fashion.
  3. “Yes, and…” combat.  If a player demonstrates convincing roleplay of the damage they’re doing to your character, roleplay the effects accordingly.  This should always be the case.
    Goal:  Reward excellent roleplay, increase safety.For example, a two-handed fighter should not hit someone harder, nor should they break immersion with repeated OOC calls.  Instead, they should roleplay the heft of the weapon, swing it slower, and if they role-played very well their intent with that weapon, give it to them “thicker armor” or not.

Personalized Endeavor Incantations

For all:

Custom incantations for “magic” Endeavors.  Instead of calling out just a keyword that can be confusing to those who don’t know what that keyword means, create a personalized incant to say instead.  This does not apply to skilled hits which will continue to use regular simple keywords unless they are magical in nature.The incant must between 10 and 15 words, or 5-6 seconds.  This creates more effort shown, a personalized experience, more clearly defines what they’re doing instead of one or two seemingly arbitrary keywords.If the target of the effect understands what just happened, you should see the effect being role-played.  If not, they should ask for “clarify” at this point in beta.

Simpler healing system

For all:

Reminder: use props and observe time requirements.  Rapid healing does not exist in Mütvia except for Blood Magic which is a) a Dark Endeavor, and b) rarely used.  Anyone performing rapid healing can be assumed to either a) be using Dark Endeavors and punished IC accordingly, or b) cheating the time requirement.

For Swap Shift only:

Role-play extended healing, no Endeavor needed.  If your character has the proper tools and/or equipment to roleplay healing, they may heal someone over time without using a Threshold or needing an Endeavor.  If someone decides to spend a Threshold, healing time is reduced to existing durations.

Goal:  Simplify healing by making a more commonly known art, increase stakes in combat and subsequent damage, increase immersion and urgency, simplify endeavor list, increase reliance on crafters to provide balms, and provide more use for Threshold.

Limb wound — Minimum 2 minutes per limb.  More healing equipment means more wounds can be tended to.  Bandages, compresses, and poultices for normal wounds; splints and bandages for broken limbs,
Spend Threshold: reduce time to one minute

Torso wounds — Minimum 10 minutes.  Initial application stabilizes one wound but will not heal until 10 minutes has passed.  Three people can therefore stabilize someone in Bleed Out immediately, but still takes 10 minutes per wound to heal.
Spend Threshold: reduce time to one minute per wound.  If a sole healer is working on target, they cannot move to another wound until first one is healed, but multiple people can work on same target to all work in one minute to fully heal someone.

Cauterize — Anyone can do it, props are needed as usual.  Spend 20 seconds mock heating piece of metal (weapons work fine) of equal size or larger than the “wound”.  Apply to wound, wound is stabilized for five minutes, but Agony is afflicted for 10 seconds immediately after application.  The 20 seconds of metal-heating does NOT include the time it takes to get set up with a mock heat source.

Multiple and rapid uses of Cauterize are possible.  Spend 20 seconds as normal for the initial cauterize, then 10 seconds to reheat thereafter between cauterizes.

Anyone cauterized may consider scar makeup in that area, if normally visible.

Cauterize effectively resets the Bleed Out timers once three wound levels have been stabilized via this method.

Discuss at wrap

A quick poll of the storytellers may be conducted throughout the game and particularly after or during your swap shift to see how these tests progress.

At game wrap (12 PM, Sunday), we want to hear the pros and cons of what was experienced by all.  Our goal is to make it so seamless and transparent that aside from the occasional “it seemed too easy or too difficult to take that thing down” mentions, there is no noticeable stall or confusion in game play.  Instead, we’re hoping for heightened immersion throughout.


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Cooperative Storytelling Tue, 07 Nov 2017 15:11:38 +0000 The post Cooperative Storytelling appeared first on Mutvia LARP.


Cooperative Storytelling

Storytelling in RPGs used to be somewhat antagonistic; it was the players versus the storyteller.  You enter a dungeon, the storyteller/GM/DM tries to kill your character with monsters and traps, and your job was to survive.  If you got the treasure or killed the baddie, you win (though it was never called “winning”).

Tabletop RPGs today still remain very much dependent on a storyteller’s assistance, but it’s rather necessary given the lack of props, visuals, and actual environment in which to operate.  LARPs, however, don’t need to be that way.  We have what we need and if we concentrate on providing a story for each other, we become our own storytellers.

Here are some sample of how cooperative storytelling works in Mütvia and how to get the most out of your experience.

The rules are guidelines.  Play to lose.
(Except for safety rules.  Follow those to the letter.)

Ex.1 : You fell in combat.  You’re alone, you screamed for five minutes, but that time is up so you’re supposed to fall unconscious.  Then you hear your friends looking for you.
Would it tell a better story if your friends heard one more cry from you and just as they came around the corner, you held up that one hand toward them in hope and then fell unconscious?  Yes, it would.  Do it.  Give them that sense of urgency and an “Oh, sh*t!” moment.

Ex. 2:  Your co-cast member just landed a sweet melee strike on you.  Your armor still holds, but you know if your character were real, they’d go down.
Yep.  It was awesome.  Reward them with an awesome conclusion for that swing.  Be a champ because you’re going down like one.  Make it huge.  Gasp for air, clutch that side, grimace in sweat and tears.  Have a blood capsule?  Now’s the time to pop it and spit up that gore.

Ex. 3:  I’m not even sure what the keyword was supposed to be, but I could swear they pointed at me and said my “soul was on fire”.  Is that even a thing?
Dunno.  Is it?  You determine that.  Was it a convincing performance they gave?  Was it some Grade A Quality acting you could swear would have summoned the biggest, baddest swarm of poop demons that want you for breakfast?  Then yeah, give them the satisfaction of a performance well done.  Start screamin’ like a beansidhe, writhe around in pain, and spin around like your world is going to end.  It just did and now you’re the baddest mother f’er around for that wicked counter-performance.

Ex. 4:  That dude walked up to me with two blades and quickly hit me thippity-thap in the torso three times.  I had no armor.  I fall, right?
No.  That player must think this is a boffer LARP or something.  We don’t reward crap performances.  Summon up that fury, feel the weight of your weapon or the Land’s energy rising up through you, and give the command performance you’re here to give.  Gut ’em like a fish.  Then go OOC in a Clarify and politely tell them it’s okay to really roleplay it out next time.

Ex. 5:  I want to replace my Endeavor’s keyword with this awesome incantation and it lasts five seconds but still tells my opponent what’s up.  Cool?
You’re doing it right, grasshopper.  Go lead by example.

It’s okay to be new and lost.  Enjoy it.

If you’re a newcomer and you feel utterly lost in the gigantic world of lore this setting represents, you can immediately get involved in the game within five minutes by doing these things.

  • Adopt ignorance as your character’s friend.  So much of what’s going on in Moldev is alien to even the most hardcore of Mütvians.  It’s 100% okay to not know what the hell that thing is or what that thing does, you’ve never had to use it.  Have your character react with fear and stick with others.  Then…
  • Ask questions.  Lots of questions.  You’re new, you’re not supposed to know anything.  This game expects and wants you to ask questions.  Your fellow participants also want you to ask questions.  Someone doesn’t answer, move to someone else.  “What the hell is going on here?” is a great question to ask.  “How do we stop X?” is another good one.
  • Embrace the danger.  There are no elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, or whatever.  You don’t know what that thing can do, but you hear it’s deadly.  Then again, everything seems deadly.  Embrace the danger and find out.  Conduct experiments, take chances, and risks.

Have an achilles heel.

Choose the more interesting:

A)  I portray a big, powerful character with no weaknesses.
B)  I portray a big personality character with some typical human flaws.

Hint:  Not A.

React to everything.

Someone throws a foam dagger at you, it hits you in the chest.  Choose the more engaging response:

A)  You take the hit and you’re down some armor.  Carry on.
B)  You take the hit, you’re down some armor, and you’ve GOT A FRIGGIN’ SHIV OF SOLID PAIN FROM HELL STICKING OUT OF YOU.

Hint:  Still not A.

Roleplay magical effects.

Someone points a finger at you and says something.  Choose the more meaningful way to use an Endeavor:

A)  “Agony!”
B)  “By the burning blasts of Aryos’ searing light, I reach your inner spirit and call upon it to be consumed in fiery agony!”

Hint:  You guessed it.  And you’re going to act like your face was just seared off with a god’s boomstick of doom.

No between game actions.

Updates are wonderful to read and help develop a character’s interaction in the world for the person writing them.  Yet they also conduct actions that could affect other characters and deny them the chance to interact and be a part of a story.  Even stories of personal growth have society as a partner and Moldev’s society is rather tightly-knit.  You never know what may happen.

In conclusion…

Our presence during game hours means we’re there to tell a story.  Bend the rules if they get in the way of a good story.  Do what needs to be done to entertain others.  We’re all here doing the best we can.

We’re not nerds or geeks.  Those days are over.  We’re artists and actors, roleplayers and real-life crafts people, hobbyists with a passion for what we do.

Screw the rules.  Tell a story instead.

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Worst storyteller ever Mon, 06 Nov 2017 17:26:29 +0000 The post Worst storyteller ever appeared first on Mutvia LARP.


Blog: Steve is the Worst Storyteller Ever.


No, really.  I am.

(Skip to the “How to get all the cool lore in Mütvia” section)

Angsty Steve reading Dragon magazine #78. Late 1983

Evindale, and Mütvia which is a part of it, came about because I turned inward as a self-conscious young teen with an active imagination.  My parents raised me with rewards for every project I started but I don’t recall feeling rewarded for anything I completed.  The end result was a never-ending imagination wherein many things were created but few things resolved.

Turns out that’s not such a bad thing in this case.

I tried writing a novel based in Evindale once.  it actually took place in modern times and was in sore need of editing, never finished, but those who read it really seemed to like it.  There’s even a chapter header within nothing after it.

That’s kind of the story of Evindale — there’s always the next chapter and no clue what’s in it.

“My world, welcome to it.”

The original Evindale map, 1981 – 199?

Ugh, I hate those words now but I’ve said them more than once growing up.  It was a need for control over that which I created because I lacked control over my own life in the real world.  Then again, I was 15  when I said it.

My mom had some leftover macrame boards (really thick cardboard) I used to create DM screens for the first ever Evindale games using AD&D.  It even said the phrase in bold blackletter on the player-facing side.

Published fantasy worlds like Greyhawk didn’t exist until 1983 and while I ran some games in Greyhawk, I did it mainly for the old school D&D modules they used to release that were set in the world.  Between games, I’d go back and draw that map.

I maintained that philosophy for many years and in the early 90s was known for that as my DM style.

So wrong… so, so wrong.  I did allow me, however, to focus on something I had been doing for years prior and that was build a world the way I wanted to build a world.

The Gaming Guild

In 1990, I attended my first gaming convention at the suggestion of someone I worked with as an EMT.  I met other people and while there, they and I hatched a plan to form a company which was formed the following year.

The Gaming Guild, Inc. existed in Stamford, CT in the retail basement of a sci-fi bookstore and burgeoning gaming store.  We had 1,500 sq. ft. of gaming space.  The prior inhabitants were kind enough to leave massive 4x8 wooden tables which were perfect for the various chess tournaments, Battletech games, and the midnight Mütvia campaign that started the detailed development of the country your characters are now in.

The concept of “My world and welcome to it” continued in those days.  Great campaign and I think people enjoyed themselves but my storytelling method was still stuck in that totalitarian mode.

It wasn’t until about ten years later I realized there’s another way to tell a story.

Ye Olde Improvisational Acting

I worked off and on at New York Renaissance Faire since ’92 as a gamer and boothie.  In 2003, I was brought on as cast wherein I learned improvisational theater.  It took a while, but this changed my life.

The concept of improvisational theater has within it a simple premise: “Yes, and…”

“Yes, and…” means you enter into a scene with no preconceived notion of how it’ll start or turn out.  Someone says something to you, you accept it no matter what it is, and build on top of it.  In the context of running a LARP or tabletop game, it means releasing the thought you have control of your world.

This flew straight in the face of “My world, and welcome to it,” and I still held on to it for a long time for a bunch of other reasons.  I thought my life was out of control and blammo! I manufactured reasons to maintain control.

(If you were there during that time, I’m so sorry.)

Beautiful Lessons Learned: Carath Anon and EvinCon

The Gate of the Gods stood before me and with thunderous falls of foot, the Great Lich approached from behind me.  We had arrived at the end of our journey, it was now or never.

In the early 2000s, I had five campaigns running and each was in a different part of Evindale with their own facet of the same story: someone or something was trying to take over the realm of physical reality.

On April 13, 2013, members of three of the five games attended a single event called EvinCon that brought all of their stories together.  In attendance was the Mütvia crew, the Thursday Night crew, and the Mega Misfits.

By the end of it, the three forces had come together and forever changed the world I had spent the past 32 years creating.  What happened wasn’t in my control, it was in theirs and it was beautiful.

In-character, the resulting event of EvinCon was known as the Interregnum.  Out-of-character, you now play in a world shaped by players just like you.


There’s a persistent world developed over three decades out there for you to explore.  From the tiny village of Moldev, however, this may seem impossible or daunting.  How does your character even get a start?

Here’s the secret: we don’t send plot to you because plot doesn’t exist.  🙂

The world is simply moving forward and that means there are millions of things going on all at the same time.  We can understand your frustration, and that why we now present you with How To Get All The Cool Lore In Mütvia.

First, let’s get you up to speed.

What’s happened so far.

Continent of Erinnal, World of Evindale. Mütvia is on the right side of the map.

  • Moldev is in the northern portion of a place called Mütvia which lies on the eastern portion of the continent of Erinnal in the World of Evindale.
  • Mütvia is like mythological Transylvania on steroids mixed with gothic Victorian England.  You have nobles, commoners, and the travelling drósti all living in a land that is replete with horror.
  • Everyone is superstitious, no one trusts outsiders, the nobles are cruel, the commoners down-trodden, and the drósti are outcasts.
  • Moldev is one province of four in the principality formerly known as Vöhjesti (“Principality of Vöhj”).
  • In the year 1132, the draconian Prince Vöhj allegedly slaughtered his entire court and the entire population of all four provinces through means as of yet understood.  Nature itself closed off the entrances and none could escape or enter.
  • For five years it remained this way until Lastgather (October) of 1138 when the pathways opened and a ferry offered travelers a way across the surrounding River Gergi to the south.  With Moldev now open and a mystery to solve, people started entering.
  • It is now 1139, in our year of 2017.
  • Now one year later, a noble by the name of Radachek rose to power and oversees operations under the prince known as Ranov who took over Vöhjesti.

Over the past year, Moldevians have discovered:

  • Their village is the center of spiritual power for some reason
  • One theory holds this is where a god died
  • Weird things happened that caused people to realize “No, the gods are real”
  • There’s the land, and then there’s The Land, the very essence of brutal nature.  Some say it’s an old god, one called Nor’dagha
  • A cult known as the Creed of Star wants in, they bear the symbol of Tyrla, an ancient goddess of nightmares
  • Another cult, that swinging the symbol of Medres, a deity of undeath and disease, also wants in
  • Vöhjesti, circa 1132

    Vöhj is not dead, he’s now a powerful jerk that’s part shadow, is shadow, or … something else weird

  • Jan Strachvas, an “evil necromancer” and former scholarly noble of Prince Vöhj, died protecting the village from shadows only to die horrifically.  Vöhj now runs around in his body.
  • The sanji, or forest spirits of Mütvia, have turned dark and more bestial.  They used to talk, now they don’t.  They used to be out in the light, now they’re not.
  • The superstitions of old actually do serve a purpose.
  • Supposedly the entire village is one giant illusion, that the real Moldev reeks of the horrors from six years ago.
  • Someone calling themselves “the Herald” is telling newcomers on the outside about Moldev and blatantly lying about it: the rivers run with wine, there are gold mines abound, and dreams come to life.  Yeah, well, that’s b******t as so many quickly find out.
  • Rumors have started to spread that Moldev is nothing more than a fear factory feeding something that’s rising to power.

Player-driven: We provide a world.  You tell the story.

If you’re having difficulty finding plot, that’s because there isn’t any in the sense of “You, come here, do this for me.”   Instead, the highly detailed world of lore around you moves, reacts, ebbs and flows here and there in a dance with the actions of everyone who participates.  There are LOTS of things going on that all lead to the unfolding story, but you need to seek it out.  This is a game of active involvement.

Fact: With all the stuff going on, did you know there’s only two official stories we created?  Yep.  Everything else is a single tendril that leads back to the story you’re helping to create.  We’re not creating new stuff, the world is reacting to what you’ve done. 🙂

Some things going on that are known by many (but may not be obvious):

  • People have started to recognize the divine.  A new “vyer”, or priest of the old Mütvian faiths, has made himself known.  What’s up with religions?
  • A tavern popped up overnight.  It’s called the Fortune’s End and there’s a name attached to it, the Black Rose.  How and why?
  • Some say there’s an ocean of dark black icky stuff under the land that resides in some form of existence like an overlay of this reality.  Sometimes, people detect something under it.  Some have collected samples of actual “black bile” and apothecaries now know how to reverse engineer stuff.  What’s it really about?
  • The “twins”, two “echo” or “repeater” spirit siblings, have gone beyond their original pattern of repeating behavior for some reason.  Why?
  • The sanji changed from one year ago to something nastier.  Is this normal?  Why?
  • Something’s risen amongst the sanji, some witnessed it.  What happened?
  • Dedicants of Nor’dagha have begun to show up wondering if anyone else has noticed anything.  What’s their story?
  • Everyone at some point or another has had nightmares.  Is this normal for Mütvia?  It’s not, not even for this place.  Why is this happening?
  • The website’s front page has superstitions rotating like a slider on it.  How much of that is actually viable?
  • Strachvas said something as he died… anyone remember?
  • Creatures inhabit the waters and sometimes show themselves.  Ready to gamble for your soul?  What would happen if you stayed in there too long?
  • What the hell is going on with House Maristev which is, like, a thousand miles to the south.  Why have they sent in scouts?
  • And this Tyrla-worshipping Creed of Star thing.  They, too, want in but why?  Take control of the Veil?  Of Moldev?  Of something else?  Are they behind all the nightmare stuff?
  • Medres?  Who the hell is that and why have our ancestor spirits turned into the walking dead when they’re supposed to join us as silent guests for dinner?
  • The Veil, an area of excessive spirit activity in the woods, has been “closed off”.  Why’s it there, what does this closing represent?
  • Drósti: lore has it the true drósti homeland lies within the Veil, yet to be there for more than a few minutes is to go mad.  Does it actually exist?  If so, how do you get there?

This is beta.  Help us improve.

I may have years of storytelling experience and know how to write, but we’re still learning how to be LARP storytellers.  Some of you took the chance to offer incredible advice and opinions, some of it wasn’t favorable.  This helps us tremendously.  Keep doing it.  We don’t learn if we don’t fail.

If you haven’t heard back from us yet, we sincerely apologize.  There’s a LOT to get through, but keep the feedback coming!

We use you to focus.  Ask questions.

Some of the lore participants have latched on to is amazing.  I had no idea this would be this intriguing!  Whenever someone asks us something, we start taking notes and writing.  We respond very well to questions about the setting from superstitions to gods.  You ask it, we respond.

And this is why I’m the worst storyteller.

Because all I did was create a world.  You are the storyteller.

I’ll catch up one day, I promise.

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]]> 0 Wed, 22 Mar 2017 13:43:54 +0000 The Black that soils the soil, The Chains that hold them fast, The Essence of those uncoiled, Such is that that drives the caste. Mnemonic from The Artifacts of Underbridge

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The Black that soils the soil,
The Chains that hold them fast,
The Essence of those uncoiled,
Such is that that drives the caste.

Mnemonic from The Artifacts of Underbridge

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]]> 0 Thu, 09 Feb 2017 19:11:14 +0000 Upon the snows first thaw The Land begins to hum The song of one without a jaw Behold! The horned one comes! Except from Curses of Summer

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Upon the snows first thaw
The Land begins to hum
The song of one without a jaw
Behold! The horned one comes!

Except from Curses of Summer

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]]> 0 Thu, 09 Feb 2017 19:01:09 +0000 Turn once around, No eyes be found. Tap thrice the door, Spirits no more. Traditional Mütvian superstition

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Turn once around,
No eyes be found.
Tap thrice the door,
Spirits no more.

Traditional Mütvian superstition

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Delays: The hated but necessary beast Thu, 19 Jan 2017 18:10:50 +0000 I’ve been an event producer for decades. From LARPs to international LARP orgs, from Viking villages to building profitable renaissance faires. Toss in a few AEA stage manager and production manager credits. “Delay” is a word with which I am woefully familiar.   Yet no matter how many times I’m reminded it’s the nature of […]

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I’ve been an event producer for decades. From LARPs to international LARP orgs, from Viking villages to building profitable renaissance faires. Toss in a few AEA stage manager and production manager credits. “Delay” is a word with which I am woefully familiar.  

Yet no matter how many times I’m reminded it’s the nature of the beast, I still despise the word.

The website is delayed, yet I think it’s with good reason.

We’ve got four main brains working on new paths, reorganization, rules editing and simplification, and development of a foundation that allows for organic character development. The latter must include a sense of immediate reward to ensure progress is known, remain flexible and diverse, have a near zero learning curve, and work with the existing and known tiered Endeavor system. Well, we think we got that.

Our process entails coming up with what we think are brilliant ideas which are tested in thought experiments. And just when we’re about to make it official, one of us asks the fateful question: “But isn’t that the same as…”, “…wouldn’t that change how X works?”, or “Physics doesn’t work that way, does it?”. Back to the drawing board.

Sometimes we pass it before select participants who have demonstrated a wish to be more involved behind the scenes. Great feedback there, honest and pure.

One more day, one more week. We’re close. So very close to releasing something based on your comments and our combined experiences in October. Even Logistics underwent a major review by me and changes have to occur there, too.

But we think you’ll like it. A lot.

In the meantime, is updated. If you’re crafty, you’ll notice a menu with options on it up top. The pages there aren’t official versions, but it’s sneak peek between you and me. Go explore, enjoy what’s there. If you’re into it, review each day. We’ve got more to do, more to write, and after all of that, apply a liberal dose of Occam’s Razor to what’s there in final review before I’m willing to put a seal on it.

Good stuff on the way.

Mütvia Regestöi.

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A little disjointed due to a fried brain, but I had to write something.  Too many feels not to write.  My gods, you people are freakin’ awesome.

As the creator of something, you’re both intimately familiar with it and incredibly distant from it.  You don’t know how others will perceive the overall product because you know the surface with all of its minute cracks and weaknesses, the fragility of the internal framework, the mistakes of the material used, and the many, many choices that were made — many of them filled with doubt — that lead to what people see.  Sure, they see the cracks, the imperfections, and the weaknesses.  But they also see shape, form, color, texture, and maybe even the love that was put into it.  They comment on it for good and bad and if you’re lucky, you’ll get someone who hated it but still tells you about it.  And they tell you about it because they care.  They want to improve upon it.

It’s easy to understand the above on a logical level entering this, but it was nerve-wracking as hell for me to actually execute it.  Yeah, I’ve been LARPing since the early 90s, ran more than a few LARPs, and even rented an island once for one event (thanks, Jaxx!).  None of that prepares you for this.  Not when it’s your own creation being judged and you’ve had wicked insecurities about others judging your shit growing up.

So yeah, this was personal.  This was deep, came from the gut, and I put 35 years of creation on the chopping block and I’m very glad I took that chance.  The cast of Mütvia is stellar.  Each and every one of you I got to meet, shake hands, work with, direct as a crunchy, and if I was lucky got to know some of you a little better than what Facebook would allow through a quick anecdotal exchange, a shared smile, and a shared weary look after a weekend.  What a stellar bunch of humans you are.

There’s much to do.  Greater stories to be told, Occam’s Razor applied to the rules, and creatures to evolve beyond mere make-up.  Not even five minutes after closing announcements were made did planning for 2017 begin.

In the meantime, our brains have been moving since November 2015, and our bodies since May 7, 2016 on this and other projects.  We’re going to recharge for several days, take it easy, and rediscover the idiot box called a TV, cuddle up with a cat or two, sip on soup and tea under comforters with the chilly October air coming through the windows causing candles to flicker.  All the while jotting down some notes of our experience in Mütvia.

Here’s a small list of thoughts we’ll be addressing in the next few weeks, but it’s by no means the complete list:

  • Get rid of fragments altogether, deepen concept of learning from ancestor spirits conceptually and keep it free flowing RP with guidance from writings, not rule-based.  Let actual time and hardships, not rules, be the speed governor to learning
  • Rework kirkejoi; great concept, not impressed with its actualization; needs to be more dire, less über-slayer on the field, more personal risk
  • Dedicate time to development of spirit world, so much there and I felt it was improperly executed on my end, though the cast did an incredible job portraying them as directed.  No fault of their own, just need deeper shit on our end
  • Likewise, deepen Path of Veils and other spirit-related things; heighten danger in working with spirits
  • Mütvia’s danger: the feeling that everything can turn on humans without notice, all relationships seem tenuous, demanding, near exhausting, but accepted as “life” in this Land.
  • Redefine all LARP monster tropes; breath new life to old hat
  • Create richer historical content and provide method of in-game delivery of knowledge via rp, not rules, i.e. no “Lore” or “Knowledge” skills.  K.I.S.S.
  • Continue to reward chances taken, need better way of monitoring such things, though.
  • No cabin electric lights; if lights are on, things come to turn them off. 🙂  LED lanterns — some got it perfectly.
  • Talk to camp ownership about opening up the main hall for us.
  • Convey better the notion of nighttime in Mütvia; should cause paranoia, drives one to stay indoors, and yet enticing enough to be outside for the adventuring type; danger lurks around every corner at all times, at nighttime it’s heightened danger, all senses should be on alert, mind-fuck extraordinaire
  • All sanzhi (land spirits) must be more alien, spirits more removed from life in all aspects, and other facets of the land/creatures richly developed before introduction.  Complete customs, beliefs, practices; treat them as foreign nations and entities, not as two dimensional being with beaters.  Step away from American LARP concepts of crunchies — each creature should also have a story to tell and whether or not it’s explored by humans, there should always be a feeling that it’s interesting, worthy of respect however much it must be killed; build up to the individual camps for these creatures.

There’s so much more we have in store and are working on, from better Logistics to discovering ways to increase numbers of perma crunchies and remote encampments to enrich the experience overall.  But that’s all boring stuff.  The other creative stuff would reveal plot and I do that enough on my own.

Thanks again for an incredible event, all of you.  From those who have stepped up to wishing to assist with rules and marshalling, to those who have been willing to go full bore on the much needed swaps.  Things will change, get better, and more dangerous. 🙂


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Day 2: Wait, you mean they *like it*? Fri, 02 Sep 2016 17:36:39 +0000 The post Day 2: Wait, you mean they *like it*? appeared first on Mutvia LARP.


Good afternoon, Mütvians! Happy Friday!

42 days before we all step into the cursed lands of Mütvia and I must admit, you guys have us giddy with excitement.  HOLY COW you guys are awesome. We opened preregistration yesterday and within MINUTES people were signing up. Thank you!

All day yesterday you asked questions, have pitched character ideas as DCs (Directed Cast), stared you’re creating back stories and based on what I’ve seen so far they’re PHENOMENAL, wanted to know more about the religion of the land (see below), and so much more.  Wow.  Our heads are literally spinning with the overwhelming excellent reception.  Thank you!  It only makes us work harder.
Today is going to be a light day in responses due to life responsibilities that typically occur on Fridays for us.  Just a head’s up, but we want to know more about your thoughts and your characters!  So without further ado…
Tell us about your character!  (It’s a form. 🙂 )
Don’t know about your character yet?  Tell us that, too!  We LOVE feedback and info.
Keep the horror alive!

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What does “open beta” mean anyway? Thu, 01 Sep 2016 21:35:15 +0000 The post What does “open beta” mean anyway? appeared first on Mutvia LARP.


Hello, my fellow Mütvians!

So what’s “open beta” really mean?

Open Beta means the event may change rules-wise.  While most of the changes will occur after an event, certain rules may have to change during an event if it’s truly detrimental.

Open Beta also means we’re open to suggestions!  If you find something wrong and you feel it needs to change immediately, come to Logistics and report it.  If it can wait until the end of the event, there will be a form available to fill out.  We want your suggestions as this is the only way we can make Mütvia grow.

Have an idea or suggestion?  Comment below!

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