The Physics of Religion and Magic


No greater source of confusion and debate exists than that of the pantheology of Evindale.  There are twice as many religions as there are deities and not all deities are active which results in the notion that new religions must crop up to “awaken” the “sleeping” gods.  In short, there is no one truth when it comes to Evindale theology except this: deities do exist, make themselves known every now and then, live and die but it is the Great Spheres that contain their power.

The Physics of Religion

Before anything existed, including time or space, the Tirsar existed.  The “Old Masters” (in the old Ivirian tongue) were all that was possible and were infinite in scope.  Without sentience, the Tirsar were everything and nothing, did not create nor destroy, were not alive nor dead.  Such concepts did not yet exist, yet they dreamed.

Their dreams and thoughts, collectively known as Tirsir’rg  (“Dreams of the Masters”), started to take shape.  Change was the first out of necessity.  Stability came next to make sure Change continued to alter things.  Where they intersected, Balance was created.  An infinite amount of change and stability and a balance between was created which, in a way, codified how all other things were to work later.

Think of the Tirsir’rg as some kind of soap bubble with the concept of Chaos inside instead of air and no soapy residue. In the physical world these things could go from astronomical sizes that span multiple universes to something so small it only affects one subatomic particle at a time.  Yes, the Tirsir’rg is the ToE of Evindale.

Creation came into being when Change and Balance intersected.  And so it continues with an almost infinite variety of Spheres.

When Creation touched on Chaos, Destruction was conceived.  Instantly Balance intersected with Destruction and Creation to create the twins Life and Death, or the concept of something self-creating but only infinitely small in lifespan.  Balance intervened once more and intersected with both to create Cycle so Life would feed Death and vice-versa.

Life existed as a concept but life did not yet exist as an entity.  When it merged with Creation, the first of the Adrihar, or modern gods, was created: Drenathis, the deity of New Beginnings (and rapid ends).

As soon as Drenathis came into being, it died; Death had done its job well.  Balance intersected with Death and Law to create some stability and longevity to the creation process which resulted in Time.

Drenathis was born again as the Cycle continued.  Chaos and Entropy were introduced, now there was variety.  Drenathis became rapidly self-aware and following the Law of Life, began to self-replicate.  In fact, Drenathis became the Creator that so many within Evindale refer to when they say Tirsar, not understanding the difference.  Yet there are some rather scholarly cults dedicated to no god but instead the Tirsar.

As the Adrihar formed the Tirsir’rg dreams created, destroyed, and continued its never-ending process of detailing all of possibility.  Not even the Adrihar understood the Tirsar or their Tirsir’rg, and in their practice of over-simplifying certain concepts such as Change, new Spheres came into existence which were then associated with the Adrihar responsible for creating them.

Sometimes multiple Adrihar thought of the same concept.  These new dreams became more and more finite in scope and purpose.  Hence the reason why multiple gods have multiple facets and each facet may have multiple gods.

As Time, later called Kathos, marched on and expanded in scope, the rest of creation would take billions of years.  At this moment, however, the first Truth was spoken: all that had happened so far took place over 10−43 seconds.

The Birth of Physical Reality

It was Sythlia, one of the first sentient Adrihar and one able to comprehend the Tirsir’rg, who had its own dream and saw the need for Cycle to be expressed differently.  Immediately, the original Tirsir’rg intersected and all of existence divided, the worlds and planes of existence snapped into furious being.  Many of the Adrihar, brought into this new dream made physical,  found control over which they would lord and expand their powers.

Now bound to individual physical elements the Adrihar cannot truly die, forever sustained by the energies of the Tirsir’rg Sythlia used to create physical reality.  Yet to continue existence in this physical realm, a connection to it must be granted to them by the creations of Sythlia: the mortal sentient beings that now inhabit all of Evindale.

Sythlia does not require worshippers as she is all of physical existence.  Instead, she is bound to this realm and cannot visit, even in her dreams, the realms of other gods.  Yet if enough mortals feed the other gods with the power of prayer in its many forms, they can potentially take a mortal form in Sythlia’s own realm.  To do so, however, they must have a bond akin to Sythlia’s own to something physical.

The Creation of Evindale

They say Sythlia has the power to create and destroy worlds.  Yet with a physical form, Sythlia requires rest to sustain constant physical creation.

Thus the realm of Evindale was created.  It exists as islands west of the continent Erinnal and is reachable through the one-way journey known as Death.  What lies beyond the shores of Evindale is anyone’s guess and no ritual, human, or god can access that realm without dying.  Even the resurrected have no memory of Evindale.  Because of the lack of empirical evidence, many doubt Evindale even exists which suits Sythlia just fine.

On occasion, Sythlia journeys into and around her creation, interacting with mortals and it is said she has even given birth as mortals do to two demigods: Irviria and Kyria.

Magic and Humans

All is possible in the world of Evindale since a tiny portion of all the dreams of the Tirsar is embedded in all things.  Kyria mastered this facet of her mother’s creation and with it created the first of the sentient beings, the elementals, to whom who taught the secrets of Tirsarian magic.

Iviria, meanwhile, created all the other sentient beings not directly born of magic.  These new beings grew and evolved separately from the Tirsir’rg fragments that exist in nearly all things.  Given their origins, however, they remain related and even connected to it nonetheless just as a new tree grows from the seed of one prior.

To some, including those who live in Mütvia and Sta’abri, the connection to the magic within the land is palpable.  While it can be felt, incredibly few recognize it for it is and fewer still can tap into that raw elemental power.


Rituals are pathways of communication with Tirsarian energies established by an individual for purposes of using that energy to bring about effect.  For this reason, many ritualists have good cause to consider ritual magic the Language of the Tirsar.

Yet rituals are fraught with danger in the form of miscommunication.  Just as words may be pronounced differently, sentences constructed differently, and entire stories told in different ways by convey the same information so,oo, can rituals.  The use of an improper symbol, its placement, or even the manner in which it is constructed may lead to disastrous results as one “miscommunicates” with the Tirsarian energies in all things.

What some call “rituals” are instead not pathways of communication with the Tirsarian energies Sythlia use to create this world, but instead a summoning up of elemental energies and an attraction of spirits.  These “summoning” and “awakening” rituals deal no more with Tirsarian magic than someone who shouted to another to get their attention.

This confusion has caused great debate among scholars but one thing cannot be denied: workers of Tirsarian ritual magic are thankfully extremely rare.