Feast of the Veil

Ancestors aren’t the only ones to return.

October 2017 – Location TBA

Intimate Dark Horror Fantasy

Mass combat and plot replaced with intimate stories designed to allow everyone to participate.

Light Rules

“What you can do, so can your character” mixed with light rules effects

Rich World Setting

35+ years of development allow a richly-detailed world with volumes of lore and history.

Cooperative Storytelling

An interactive story that reacts to your actions, no forced plot.

Welcome to Mütvia, the Land of 1,000 Princes

Mütvia is a new hybrid rules (DKWDDK and light rules) live-action role-playing game (LARP) set in the horrific land of the same name and holds its events at Camp Redwood in Walden, NY.

A Game of Eldritch Horror

“The day is not our problem.  We must only survive the best we can: craft, build, cook, make a living.

The night is for the wise to stay inside.  Anything else is foolish.”

As a setting, Mütvia is similar to ancient Eastern European lore and myth: the day is fine, the night is dangerous, and nearly everything is a mystery seeking the chance to devour you or worse.

Who are you: the Castes

Are you a draconian Noble, who seeks to lord over the land with an iron fist from within the pillars of their noble house?  Or perhaps an academic who seeks to uncover the eldritch horrors of the entity known as the Land?

Are you a hard-working Commoner who is able to craft and learn from the secrets of your ancestors?  Or perhaps a stalwart warden of the forests, a proud soldier, or one who keeps others safe by learning the mysteries of charms, amulets, and talismans?

Or are you one of the itinerant outsider Drósti, a people reviled for their incessant dabbling in the world of spirits, fortunes, and fate?  Or maybe you’re a proud member of an ancient drósti family sworn to maintain the secrets of the Veil?

The world is yours: Cooperative Storytelling

Instead of the old practice of developing plot for each event in advance and railroading participants through it, Storytellers and Directors pay close attention to your actions and have the world respond to it in real time.

You can experience this because the staff takes advantage of the detail-rich setting developed for over 35 years as a tabletop RPG homebrew world called “Evindale” of which Mütvia is a part.  We simply know how it will respond and that means you can influence your surroundings in many ways.

Getting the most out of it

You will be a cast member in an ongoing story told, shaped, and changed by nearly every action committed by you and your fellow cast.

Mütvia is not a setting where the action comes to you.  To participate, explore and get involved.  Everything that happens, react to it.  Portray a character, not a series of stats on a sheet (there aren’t many).  Don’t create a hero, create a character that becomes a hero.

Do something.  React.  Be a part of it.

Immersion: More than cool props

Costuming and personal details allow you to contribute to the story visually.  Help make this the best you can by investing in your costume and environment.  Looking for some guidance?

Nobles Pinterest Board

Commoners Pinterest Board

Drósti Pinterest Board

A Hybrid System:
“What you can do, your character can do” and Light Rules

Don’t ask what you can do, ask what’s stopping you.

Mütvia uses Evindale Live, a hybrid system between the German LARP concept of DKWDDK and rules that assist in recreating the physics of this dark fantasy setting.

DKWDDK, or Du Kannst Was Du Darstellen Kannst, is the concept of what you can do, so can your character.  Instead of referring to a set of stats on a character sheet to determine if you can pick that pocket or lock; detect or disarm that trap; dodge, parry, or block that melee swing; be stealthy or be invisible; you simply do it.  If you cannot do it, neither can your character.

Evindale Live does incorporate some skills (called “endeavors“) that replicate those things not safe, sane, or legal in the real world, or govern if your character can communicate with spirits.  These are not the focus of the game and there are few compared to other North American LARP systems.  If you find yourself feeling slim on the stat side, welcome to the concept of DKWDDK — just do it.

In Mütvia, having more stats or doing the most damage does not enhance our experience, nor does your character sheet determine the uniqueness of your character.

For more information in DKWDDK, check out this great explanation:

Diary of a Croatian LARPer


Fear not the screams.
Fear the silence that follows.

Mütvian child wisdom

Turn once around,
No eyes be found.
Tap thrice the door,
Spirits no more.

Traditional Mütvian superstition

Red the soil runs,
Dark the earthly ones,
Leave the home at peace,
Protect my daughters and sons.

Mütvian prayer to Bordü Moma

The Black that soils the soil,
The Chains that hold them fast,
The Essence of those uncoiled,
Such is that that drives the caste.

Mnemonic from The Artifacts of Underbridge

Upon the snows first thaw
The Land begins to hum
The song of one without a jaw
Behold! The horned one comes!

Except from Curses of Summer

Jera jüs lusasö
Mütvia Rejestöi.

Cry of Mütvian patriotism

Your Voice, Playing in a Beta System

Evindale Live is in a Beta stage of development.  As North American LARPers, we started by creating a system familiar to us: rules heavy and character sheet dependent.  We’ve started to move away from that.

As we advance the game from its October 2016 rules set, we find ourselves realizing a greater freedom to create a story can be had when rules are not in the way.

To that end, we want to know after every event your thoughts.  How can we replicate the physics of this setting without using rules and yet maintain fairness?  That’s our goal and as such, Evindale Live is a living, breathing system that is built to become a set of safety rules and setting information.

We’ve some work to go, or maybe we’ll stay where we are.  Improvisation is about adaptation, collaboration, and acceptance.  If it must change, it will and we want you on that journey.

Never played in this style of art LARP?  Here’s how.

Light rules, collaborative play

  • Get up and go.  Adventures won’t fall into your lap.  Go explore the rich setting.  Things wait for you out there.
  • There’s a story, not a plot.  Each event inspires the happenings of subsequent events and may alter things in real time.
  • Freeform: just do it!  For the most part, what you can do your character may also do.  Experiment!
  • Arms & Armor.  Pick up a weapon, use it.  Pick up armor, wear it.  No game skills needed.
  • Combat.   Quick and deadly.  It’s a last resort.
  • Location-based hits.  Hit an unarmored limb, it’s maimed.
  • One life.  Make what you can of this life, tell a brilliant story with it.
  • Lock-picking.  Items may be locked.  You need to figure out a way in.  No game skills needed.
  • Crafting.  Find a recipe or work plan?  Craft away.  The more your character crafts, the better they get.  No game skills needed.
  • Language.  To replicate the ignorance of a frightened people, all correspondence must be written in the Mütvian alphabet.
  • Rituals.  A language of symbols, sigils, paths, shapes.  Try to figure it out, create a ritual, submit it, and perform it.  No game skills needed.
  • Curses & Hexes.  Just like crafting, they have ingredients and things to do.  No game skills needed.
  • Use Endeavors. Those actions not safe, sane, legal, or possible for you to do but your character can are called Endeavors.

Read more about the rules here.

More About the Setting

It’s called the Land of 1,000 Princes and with good reason: any with a plot of land may declare themselves a ströikas, the native word for a ruler of a region.  In truth, Mütvia is a nation which consists of scores of smaller countries.  With no shared currency between them, trade is largely via barter; with no diplomatic ties to each other, diplomacy is handled via sword.  All in all, Mütvia seems to be an odd and backwards nation when compared to its neighbors.

A quicker understanding of the flavor of the setting might be had by saying it is “Dark Ages Eastern European Horror Fantasy”.

Tradition: Mütvia Regestöi

Each principality has its own laws and customs, but some traditions run strong throughout the land.  In particular the clear division of the noble, commoner, and itinerant drósti castes; the Land truly is alive; the six festivals celebrated by Mütvians throughout the year; that following superstitions really does work; and, of course, the knowledge that only true Mütvi can survive in a such a horrific place.

All of these combined have created a sense of unity and national pride that is unparalleled by any other country in the world of Evindale.  This immutable concept is bound in the ancient tongue of the people, a phrase that simply means Mütvia is my heart: Mütvia Regestöi.

The Land

The aforementioned festivals seemingly revere the Land in some sense, at least to the perception of outsiders.  One does not know what the Land demands exactly, but over the course of time the Mütvi have figured out it demands a lot and these traditions sate its blood-lust.  Failure to observe these traditional feasts and sacrifices is often met with tragedy over time:  localized famine, plague, increased spiritual activity, horrific entities stalking human prey, and even targeted attacks on individuals who didn’t leave out that little bit of salt on a hot summer’s night or little bit of butter on a cold winter’s eve.

The Land is preternatural.  It is uncaring, unyielding, and unforgiving.  It is rigid in Its laws yet mercurial in Its temperament, and everything not human is controlled by It.  The Land simply … is.

The Look of Mütvia