Book II, Chapter II: Endings

Sunsbreach 1140
(March 9-11, 2018)


Dingmans Ferry, PA

Time to end the past.

Intimate Dark Fantasy

Mass combat and plot replaced with intimate stories designed to allow everyone to participate.

Light Rules

“What you can do, so can your character” mixed with light rules to bring the setting’s own physics to life.

Rich World Setting

35+ years of development allow a richly-detailed world with volumes of lore and history.

Cooperative Storytelling

An interactive story that reacts to your actions, no forced plot.

Welcome to Mütvia, the Land of 1,000 Princes

“The day is not our problem. We must only survive the best we can: craft, build, cook, make a living. The night is for the wise to stay inside. Anything else is foolish.”

Mütvia, the land that stands alone in the World of Evindale as the infamous country of superstitious peasant-princes, hidden horrors of night, and a people haunted by their country’s horrific past, has come to life in this live action roleplaying game.

Join us in exploring this detail-rich world that has been developed for over 35 years as a table-top setting, now re-envisioned as a simple rules LARP.  Mütvia focuses on stories driven by characters in a persistent world teeming with a combination of original lore and reimagined Eastern European legend from the Dark Ages.

Join us and dive right into the ongoing story!  Get started now!

It is the year 1140 IC

It has been one year since newcomers repopulated the tiny haunted village of Moldev, each of them seeking a stable life in an unstable land.

Under the leadership of Voivod Radachek, the village has seen some improvement.  Though surrounded by horrible woodland creatures and nighttime horrors, the villagers have begun to feel safe… as long as they stay in the village.

Meanwhile, Ströikas Ranov, the distant noble who has taken ownership of the lands on which Moldev sits and who appointed Radachek, has yet to visit the village.  Rumors have begun to spread as to why, but none know the truth.  Is it sickness, external military threats?  Some have even murmured of a more horrific thought: that which caused the Village of Moldev and the surrounding lands to be devoid of human life has begun again.

Atmosphere, Immersion, and Action

You are a human. There are no elves, dwarves, halflings, or other standard tropes.

The creatures are real. They have their own stories, lives, and methods for survival. That might mean hunting you.

Sounds of the world exist.  You’ll hear the night, the distant screams, the haunted woods, the beasts of the night.

Focus on roleplay. The better you roleplay, the greater the effect.

Combat is deadly. There are no body points. Rely on strategy and tactics instead.

Cooperative storytelling. We don’t develop a plot, you do.  We only develop a world.

What you can do, so can your character. If it’s safe, sane, legal, realistic, and within the intent and physics of this setting, just do it.

Not for the lazy. Get up, go out there, and do. Nothing comes to you.

Immersive. 38 hours of full on roleplay. You eat, sleep, drink, fight, and live as your character. No electricity, no visible modern devices.

Dark and gritty. Cabin lights out. Use LED torches, candles, and lanterns to light your way. Or hide in the dark.

The Black that soils the soil,
The Chains that hold them fast,
The Essence of those uncoiled,
Such is that that drives the caste.

Mnemonic from The Artifacts of Underbridge

Fear not the screams.
Fear the silence that follows.

Mütvian child wisdom

Upon the snows first thaw
The Land begins to hum
The song of one without a jaw
Behold! The horned one comes!

Except from Curses of Summer

Red the soil runs,
Dark the earthly ones,
Leave the home at peace,
Protect my daughters and sons.

Mütvian prayer to Bordü Moma

Turn once around,
No eyes be found.
Tap thrice the door,
Spirits no more.

Traditional Mütvian superstition

Jera jüs lusasö
Mütvia Rejestöi.

Cry of Mütvian patriotism